Phantom of the Fourth Reich

Phantom of the Fourth ReichIn Germany, the influence of the National Democratic Party, as it was before the Nazis came to power

On December, German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said he would try to ban the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD). The statement came after the arrest of a leader of the NPD, convicted in connection with the so-called "national socialist underground." The Minister further stressed that at the present time in the federal government and the governments of the 16 land are preparing the legal framework for the prohibition of the NPD.

Recall that in early November in the small Thuringian town of Zwickau were released documentary evidence of extremist activity "of the Nazi underground." Far-right group operated in Germany for 11 years and has made more than a dozen murders of migrants from Asia.

In Germany, until recently, it was thought that the right-wing radicals do not represent a special danger to society. In addition, special services soothe public opinion statements that NPD is under close government control. "Neo-Nazis among us", "The security services have failed," "Brown terror" — with titles such German newspapers out for a month. As a result, on November 28, Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed support for the need to address the issue of banning the NPD.

But the reservation, that the final decision should be made taking into account all the possible consequences, as "the Constitutional Court may refuse to ban the activities of the NPD and this will only increase its influence." In this regard, we can remember that the discussion about the need to ban the National Socialist Party in Germany lasts for years. In 2001, then-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder attempted to withdraw from the NPD legal field. However, the Constitutional Court ruled that the party is the political activity is legal and does not violate the laws of the country. Then, in August 2007, this issue was again raised the deputy chairman of the European Commission Franco Frattini. But all the hype over nothing.

How serious is the problem today is estimated revival of Nazism in the government of Angela Merkel, can be judged by the following remarkable fact. December 7 in Berlin was bombed building Deutschland Halle («Congress Palace"), built in 1935 on the orders of Hitler.

This monumental building was intended for a variety of events in the last century it was considered one of the largest in the world. After World War II, the palace was restored and transformed into an entertainment center. Its destruction is not an accident. At present, when the influence of ultra-right in Germany is a tangible threat, the government actually came into open conflict with the political successors and architectural symbols of the Third Reich.

It should be emphasized that the main danger of the emerging situation in Germany today is virtually impossible for the government to control the political, economic and social events that take more unfavorable turn. The problem now is not the very existence of a "National Socialist Underground" or its legal wing as NPD — the problem is a crisis of the entire socio-economic system of both Germany and Europe as a whole, which forms the objective of the masses request for an alternative model of social development . And the Germans, and the people of other European countries are now faced with the challenges that are in the power of a liberal answer. Here are some facts.

December 6 was released data based study Catholic University Lieven in neighboring Belgium and Germany, according to which the number of Muslims has reached 25% of the population of the capital Brussels. Its author, a sociologist Felice Dassetto, predicts that in 2030, the Muslims will be the majority in Brussels. Today the Muslim community continues to grow due to high rates of fertility. As in other European countries, the age of the Muslim population in Belgium is very young. Nearly 35 percent of Moroccans and Turks are under 18, while the Belgians that age only 18%. The expert warned that Brussels Muslims actually do not assimilate into a democratic society Belgium. Reason for this explosive situation Dassetto called impotence of the authorities to stop the flow of illegal migration: Muslims began arriving in Belgium in 1960 for work. Although the program is to search for foreign labor was abolished in 1974, many of the migrants were brought here and their families.

In Germany, in response to a similar inactivity of the authorities deployed spontaneous movement against Islamic immigration. On December 2, the union of truckers in the German city Nordshtadt in Schleswig-Holstein self imposed quota of immigrants buying land.

Remarkably, this civic initiative has faced opposition from the authorities. Mayor Hans-Joachim Nordshtadta Grote was outraged and threatened to terminate the contract with the union truckers land lease if it is "anti-democratic" decision will not be canceled. Ombudsman for refugees and immigrants in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Schmidt said that the decision violates the law of association of universal equality of citizens, and that immigrants can now claim compensation from the association. The head of the SPD in Nordshtadte Klaus-Peter Schroeder attacked those who spread "latent xenophobia."

We give one remarkable fact. November 25 Norwegian police released a report saying that all registered last year in Oslo, sexual harassment of women, accompanied by rape, were perfect people from Islamic countries. Moreover, each recorded by the police in the last 5 years the attack on a woman to rape, in which the individual offender was found to have been committed by a Muslim migrants. These statistics include only cases of rape of women during the attack. It does not include cases of domestic violence cases where the victim and offender knew each other. "Many perpetrators of attacks on women are anti-social way of life, often do not work, come from troubled countries. Over the past 5 years, such crimes are committed mostly migrants, "- said the representative of the Oslo police Hannah Kristin Rohde. Norwegian reaction of liberals and leftists on this police report was predictable: law enforcement officers accused of inciting xenophobia and declared "accomplices of Anders Breivik."

A paradoxical situation: the state power, entangled in liberal foolishness actually fueled, if not — provokes right-wing extremism.

The best example of this — the recent statement by German President Christian Wulff that "Islam is a part of modern Germany, and it is necessary to build a more flexible attitude in society. Christians need to be more tolerant of other religions. " This is his statement provoked protests even some functionaries of the Social Democratic Party. Not to mention the official statistics, according to which of the 3 million Turks living in Germany more than 700 thousand retain Turkish citizenship.

In the above background hardly be considered a coincidence process of increasing political representation of the National Socialist Party. In 2004, the NPD won 9.2 percent of the vote in the state parliament of Saxony, in 2006, she went to the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. At the municipal level, the NPD is represented in some regions — especially in such lands as Hesse, Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. But the real concern sociologists scored when September 29, 2010 the Friedrich Ebert Foundation has published data from survey of right-wing tendencies in Germany. 13.2 percent of respondents expressed willingness to sign a statement: "We need the Fuhrer, who for the greater good would rule Germany strong hand", 25% were in favor of the appearance in Germany, "a strong party that defends the interests of the German people." "I do not know the country in which I live," — commented on the figures head of sociology professor at the University of Leipzig, Elmar Breler. It is worth recalling that in this way began the path to power for the Nazi Party in the Weimar Republic.

Generally, between Weimar and modern periods of German history themselves eerie parallels suggest themselves. This was clearly indicated memoirs of direct participants in those events. Their opinion is clear — it is rotten liberalism paved the way for National Socialism. The famous anti-Hitler resistance member Hans Bernd Gizevius in his book "To the bitter end: Notes conspirator" said:

"No one doubts that liberalism is a significant share of the blame for the collapse of the Weimar democracy … in the name of liberalism exaggerated individualism promoted corruption, religious and moral order."

On the complete inability of the then authorities to solve the problems of the country, said at least a famous writer Konrad Heiden, "Weimar democracy everywhere failed, she had nothing to boast of. This decline was not only the fault of individuals. Weimar democracy was sick of itself. "

However, the most accurate indication of the reasons for the Nazis came to power, has left an influential political figure of the era, Franz von Papen, "President Wilson and his advisers have imposed on us from outside the democratic system, which by 1932 have reduced themselves to a perfect absurd … Much of the population has lost faith in the kind of society , which seeks to create the Weimar liberals. " Even more important is his following statement: "There is only one reason for the collapse of the liberal-democratic principles: the Democrats at the time, and were based in West Germany today continue to rely on frozen doctrine that yavlyayutsya indisputable in their eyes, as if they were religious dogmas" . These memories policy Weimar era clearly explain the reasons for the current situation. Democratic government can not solve the problem of illegal immigration and the Islamization of Europe and Islamic extremism, because from the point of view of liberalism illegals have the right to freedom of residence in Europe, and Muslims — to freedom of expression of their religious beliefs. The predominance of the Muslim population of Europe is inevitable in Europe, for European liberalism guarantees women the right to "independence" and does not require it either to marry or have children. Political correctness guarantees impunity to criminals, for accusing them of committing crimes — then redistribute "xenophobia" and "fascism."

This is the most "complete nonsense" Democracy from the prohibition of the word "father" and "mother" to the end of humanitarian aid to the starving countries of the "third world" because of "non-compliance with the rights of gays and lesbians."

The global economic crisis has actually destroyed the "social capitalism" would generate a trend that in the early 1930s. Franz von Papen, defined as "proletarianization of the middle class." The movement "Occupy Wall Street" and its European clones like taking off in Spain "May 15 Movement" are the result of the same reasons that the chief ideologist Gregor Strasser NSDAP in 1932, expressed by the term "anti-capitalist great desire." German sociologist, noted with alarm the fact strengthen NPD's electoral base in the middle class. Moreover, the lack of social prospects enhances the influence of the National Socialists in the minds of youth. Angela Merkel's plans to rescue the euro, in which Germany would cost hundreds of billions of their own money to subsidize so-called "problem of the eurozone economy," has caused more seeznye protests in environment is not an extremist. Thus, according to calculations made by a group of Hamburg University professor Dirk Meyer, the rejection of the single currency would cost the Germans at 340 billion euros, and the salvation of the euro — in 560 billion. One of the main theses of the supporters of the immediate rejection of the euro appears that the stability of the euro from the start was provided, especially the German mark. These protest sentiments skillfully using the National Socialists.

NPD program objectives are Germany's withdrawal from the EU and NATO, the return of the German mark as the national currency, the output stationed in West Germany U.S. military bases and the expulsion of all foreigners.

Note that these ideas find support among party members Angela Merkel on November 28 in Kassel, secretary of one of the offices of the ruling Christian Democratic Union Budzhinski Daniel was also a member of the National Socialist Association "Free Kassel resistance." The year before the scandal surrounding Thilo Sarrazin shook to its foundations the second largest Social Democratic Party of Germany. Interestingly, during the last election campaign, the NPD spread propaganda poster of the book "self-destruction of Germany" and the slogan "Sarrazin — you were right!"

Today, European experts say that the "second wave of economic crisis." Obviously, with the failure of plans "Merkozi" to stabilize the EU economy and rescue the euro, in European politics can happen a fundamental shift, the consequences of which are unpredictable. Suffice it to mention that the NPD in the program requires a review of the Potsdam agreements, and the restoration of Germany within the borders of 1937.

Stoletie, Artem Ivanovo

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