Photo-fact. Hordes of spiders flooded flooded Australia

Australia continued flooding. But local residents are forced to flee not only from the water, but also from the invasion of spiders.

Spiders also escape the coming water, braided sticky web all unoccupied islands flood land. Millions of arthropods braided riparian vegetation dense cocoon.

Coastal field, like a grid, tangled dense sticky web. According to experts, such an abundance of web due to the fact that the spiders are trying to survive the floods, forced to seek shelter from the coming water.

The largest number of spiders found in the area of the city, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, where before it was evacuated to about eight thousand inhabitants.

Basically it — wolf spiders, which, fortunately, are not poisonous.

This behavior of spiders — quite typical in these conditions. A similar phenomenon was observed in the last year during the floods in Pakistan.

Recall, in Australia for a week do not stop torrential rain, causing the banks out of the river. Experts predict that some areas will be under water by 9 meters.

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