PKSK carbine — 10

No such thing as the "official tool"For the first time was made in the wording of the law of the Russian Federation" On Weapons ". This is due, first, to the development of the personal security business. To this type belong weapons fire smooth and rifled gun with a short barrel production of Russian companies, with all this muzzle energy should not exceed the value of 300 J, and smoothbore gun with the usual length of trunks.

Additional design condition is that the application of such tools not form in the automatic firing mode at least 10 vessel holder cartridges.

PKSK-10 is a short- carbine, which are equipped with different security formation and detective agencies, coupled with ChOPami. For the first time this type of weapon was shown during the exhibition "Security-98", during which received the highest evaluation of this type of weapon professionals.

Creation such type of service weapons at an engineering company established in Zlatoust production company "Gun creation, "Which has been creating various kinds of sports and office products used as a weapon.

There are quite a number of conflicting views, as correctly identify it tool, as a "machine pistol" or "snub rifle." Representations of sprawl, but in their function is more rifle than a pistol. Let us consider the option "snub rifle." This standard was the result of improvements gun — gun PP — 71 "Cedar". Changes have occurred as a munition (ammunition began to be used 9h17K) and exterior. Endured the change capacity clips, constructive mechanism for the production of other steel shot and the receiver of the box. Shutter products — free type, when operating slides along the guide channels of the receiver box. The mechanism of a shot, hammer type, is placed on the bottom, which simply disassembled. Snap ring and placed on the left arm recharge for the convenience of most shooters.
For the creation of a certain comfort in the manufacture of shots on goals that are at medium and large distances, there is a hinged iron butt. The sighting device is made in the unregulated variant, combined type. When the unused butt is aiming through a rectangular slot, the use of guns in sight unfolded butt machine is switched on with a mechanical version of the diopter, thus achieving the accuracy and markedly improved aiming. The design of the aiming mechanism allows this kind of arms to change the service scope, both vertically and horizontally.
Check box fuse box is located to the right of the stem portion and, when necessary, "locks" and trigger the bolt carrier. At the end of the ammo in the clip is triggered delay the bolt, which serves up a tooth dosylnika holder. Re-cocking lever is on the left side of the product.

The trigger mechanism is made in a form easily removable, rotating and removing the safety lever-arm, he easily separated. Structurally, the only means firing single shots.

.When firing the rifle barrel channel is closed shutter.

Key holder is connected to the left side of the product.

Product mounted under the barrel cleaning rod, which serves only to enjoy the differences of official products of the fighting weapon type PP — 71 "Cedar" or "Wedge".

The performance data PKSK-10:
Caliber — 9h17 to
Length with folded butt — 312 mm
Length with butt unfolded: — 540 mm
Barrel length — 120 mm
The height of the store — 180 mm;
Width — 54 mm;
Weight, unloaded,: 1.6 kg;
Magazine capacity — 10 rounds;
Sighting range — 50 meters.

A few words about the operation. Snub carbine in the study and application is simple. Wearing it can be hidden way on the belt or holster-special cover, which comes bundled product.

Range of handheld rifles in the service until the arms represented by only one PKSK-10: This is the product allows for shooting at targets more accurately than a short-traditional benchmarks, which plays an important role in conducting mobile patrols and security service objects to the long route traffic guard. Intuitively, this type of service tools is apparently different from the types of gas guns, and appearance, similar to the combat arms, can serve as a deterrent to offenders who have decided to encroach on private property.

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