Planes from the capitals airports do not take off the second day

The situation in Moscow airports, whose work was paralyzed due to severe weather conditions over the weekend, remains tense. Passengers second day can not fly to their destination, according to RBC.

Difficulties with sending flight so far observed in the Sheremetyevo airport. According to testimony in the events, the situation at the airport is heating up. Passengers who have been previously registered, but still have not taken off, with the scandal leave the airport building.

In this case, passengers noted that no food, no hotel offers them no. People complain and misinformation, which causes panic among the passengers. According to witnesses, in the terminal building have even been spotted by riot police.

Meanwhile, earlier in the press service of the apartments was assured that, despite the difficult weather conditions, the airport continues to take off and landing aircraft. However, airport authorities appealed to passengers to clarify the status of the request in advance flight of interest.

Do not fly airplanes and airport Domodedovo. Despite the fact that last night at Domodedovo was partially opened registration for domestic flights, about a specific departure time first aircraft at the airport to report a loss.

Spokesman for the airport Elena Galanova said that ships will be sent as soon as available. "The first, most likely, will go to those flights whose passengers waited in the airport of departure, whose crew and aircraft are in Domodedovo. With this fully loaded aircraft can fly" — explained E.Galanova, adding that in the regular schedule of airport will, most likely, only the evening of 27 December 2010.

Recall, December 26, Domodedovo Airport was closed to passengers. Morning at Domodedovo problems with energy supply. Because of the failure of power lines is not working check-in system, but some aircraft, albeit with a delay, flying to other cities. Later it was reported that the airport is completely powered down. Planes that had to land at Domodedovo, were sent to Sheremetyevo airport, also experienced some difficulties due to abnormal weather conditions.

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