Polish and German MPs: Collect the EU Council on Belarus

Andrzej Galitsky and Ruprecht Polenz, heads the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Polish Sejm and the German Bundestag, respectively, want the EU Council gathered for a special meeting on Belarus.

Galician and Polents December 30 issued a joint statement in which it claimed that the events that took place after the presidential elections in Belarus on December 19, witnessed a "complete lack of respect for the common European principles and standards on the part of the government of President Lukashenko," according to the Polish news agency PAP.

Galician and Polents that suggest soon send your application to all ministries Foreign Affairs and parliaments of the EU countries are asked to call a special meeting of the Council of the European Union "to discuss the situation in Belarus and to make appropriate arrangements."

The statement says that the EU should also apply to Russia, "to discuss the developments in Belarus to make joint efforts against President Lukashenko."

The statement also says that "the EU should support the actions and initiatives of organizations Civil Society in Belarus, "and that" the citizens of Belarus, which is directly threatened by the political persecution by the authorities of the country should be allowed to enter the territory of the EU without a visa. "

Council of Europe — the second, except for the European Parliament, the legislative body of the European Union. The Council consists of 27 ministers of EU member states in the composition, which depends on the range of issues discussed. In the case of foreign policy the EU Council — the 27 ministers Foreign Affairs — EU is the only body with the mandate to make decisions on these issues.

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