Polish President has called an end to repression in Belarus

The situation in Belarus was one of those New Year's address of President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski.

"Taking advantage of the Polish freedom, especially heartfelt thoughts we send Belarusian democrats. Express our solidarity with them and call for an end to political repression against them," — said Komorowski, it is located on the site of the president of the country.

Komorowski said that in the second half 2011and Poland will chair the EU. "The Polish presidency — is our chance to our contribution to the deepening integration of the continent, a chance to present to Europe and the world, our Polish successes — the president. — Let us convince his European friends, freedom and well-being is worth sharing with others. "

According to the Polish leader, his country will guide the interests of people who want the EU initiated the construction of bridges, instead of new walls.

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