Potatoes in front-line

Grandma puts in a steaming pot of steaming potatoes, slice butter. Grandpa wood spoon clean out there the contents of a tin can with canned meat. On the stove is about to boil saucepan with the milk.

I sit on the contrary, at the table, resting his hands head and stare at these preparations. Do know — my grandparents are the kindest and most remarkable in the world. And the most savory food — it's potatoes "in front-line."

Eating this dish, I would like to take up the military past and grandparents …

"We worked then so: either retreat starts coming, half the regiment is to collect the current node is connected, and the second half of the leaves and begins to deploy a new communications center, closer to the front of the band …

That night, when the bombing of another, just my shift was. Hut, where he was set to switch from explosions shake walked, wave ripped the door off its hinges, knocked the glass in the windows, the furnace is broken down. I'm on day shift … and you can not get warm retreat. I was so frozen, so frozen …

Strong wind, frost, cold month of March, the pieces to the switch with a squeal beating, and I like a charm. I prayed for death itself. So frozen. But the connection was … And then had to rewind the cable, and in the gardens pits naryto we sank up to his waist in icy water. Still wound.

By evening, the entire cable is wound round, prepared by the bombing equipment, I came to the house where we were located, the house is a tree of 2-halves, one half of the explosion was demolished, and in the second hot stove is fired, and on it a kettle with boiling water fyrchit. I'm so glad this boiling water, will breathe — do not forget! Warm like a little … Owner — grandfather Ivan. There were two trestle. Included neighbor, a grandmother, an old so and asked him: "John, you're going to spend the night in the cellar?" — When in fact all slept at shelters who are in the cellar, who dug into the slots, as the bombing were very strong. And he told her replies, "No, I'm here in the house, I will spend the night." The old woman says, "I'm even more so, I have outlived their own age."

And I threw a coat on the floor and just lay down — fell asleep instantly. So we, the three of them, and slept in a rustic house, ignoring the howl of planes and bombs exploding.

But the night's sleep did not work — with the dawn broke through the Germans … and we had to move away … Under the fire of strongest. And what happened on the road! Dead people, horses, broken, mangled appliances, all ablaze, flames, smoke, bomb craters and shells …

And in general, I believe that our "girlish" company of very lucky. We have about 100 people there, and no one seriously hurt not. Neither one. A languid wounds we feared most. That itself does not suffer and others do not torture. And we were lucky! Throughout the war — or minor injuries, or outright death … No one was left crippled. Surely, though, the world is God. More precisely, he took care of our girl's regiment.

At the headquarters, there is, for example, a telegraph operator was — Darling Malyueva, so she sits on the switch worked, and the bombing started. And a splinter flew into the window and into her heart. Killed outright, not mayalas. And lucky … then Coming stalled, so this girl we buried in a coffin. She and this lucky.

A near Kharkov several of our girls destroyed, and we retreated hastily, and then bury them failed, they were left lying on the pavement … But well, that the wounded were able to pick up … because Kharkiv twice passed from hand to hand.
Near Voronezh, we have three cars with the radio stations were bombed. All three crew members died. Immediately. A direct hit. 6 boys and nine girls. There was nothing left to bury.

When crossing the Dnieper, the liberation of Kiev in the 40 3rd lost a lot of our highly …

Under an old Oskol many buried … but crippled left. We were lucky …

Twardowski, he himself was a front-line soldier, wrote a poem, it is about our dead, totally do not remember him, remember only the beginning:

"I killed near Rzhev
In an unnamed swamp
The fifth company of
On the left,
When ill raid.
I've never heard gap
And do not beheld that flash —
Similarly, in the gulf off a cliff —
And no bottom, no tires.
And in all this world
Until the end of his days —
Not a buttonhole,
Neither's stripes
With my shirt
I — where the roots of the blind
Seek out food in the darkness;
I — where a cloud of dust
Rye walks on the hill.
I — where the cry of a cock
At the dawn of the dew;
I — where your car
Air tear on the highway.
Where a blade of grass to —
The river of grass spinning,
There, where the wake
Even my mother did not come … "

Turn an old cassette player. My ears still ring my grandmother's voice. It's amazing to hear the voice of a man who died eight years ago.
But the grandmother could leave life even earlier — in the 41 th year. 59th Regiment of Lviv separate communication in which she served, was formed in August 1941 in Novosibirsk. The main part of the personnel of the first set was killed in the Battle of Moscow. Most of the regiment of female Rabita passed away here then. But it was the war and survived …

In his youth grandmother was krosotkoy — thick brown hair to the waist, dimples, slim figure. And the eyes — blue, as if pieces of the July sky. They met with his grandfather at the Voronezh Front. Tank commander and radio operator. Fell in love with each other, after the war, married and lived together for a lifetime.

My grandfather is very rarely talked to me about the war. In the main, what nibudt fascinating and neutral. It can be realized. It twice burned in the tank was injured three times. His family had five brothers. Three died. From the front, back only the youngest (my grandfather) and most the eldest of the brothers. From others do not have even the graves. At one point, when I was about 10, I heard the case of my old man's conversation with a neighbor, soldier.

"For two days we attacked this German town. The Germans resisted fiercely. They fought for every meter. Of the homes of the fortifications from everywhere — an angry fire. When there was a lull, I brought a letter from home. Ancestors write — again received a death notice. My third brother killed. Sob I could not. Wait, smoked a cigarette … He sat at the controls of its own tank and went back to fight … I got two hits, but the car managed to break through the defensive line. And went their positions ironing. Artillery, machine-gun, infantry … All in the flesh pressed … Long circles cut a small radius … Who just beheld — on rollers reeling. All tracks in the brains were … None one escape alive … "

Then I realized for the first time: the war — it's creepy.

Again, click on the recorder.
"Battle of Kursk, Belgorod remember. When preparing for an operation our regiment was in the woods near Prokhorovka. 5th July 1943 started coming. This was such a nightmare, God forbid anyone to survive …

The heat is unbearable, and the sun was not visible because of dust raised by the equipment, fire, smoke, fires … Martial act and on the ground and in the air …

Thousands of tanks, they were just like an avalanche … planes, artillery languid, "Katyusha" … The roar was incredible! Telling the truth — as much as the earth shook!
On the air in clear t
ext clicks: "Forward," "I'm on fire!" "Come in from the flank," "Forwards", "Schneller!". And terrible obscene swearing … in the Russian and German … "

"The most fun days of my life was a day of victory. On the night of the eighth to the ninth of May in Berlin, I went on duty. Martial acts have not been conducted, but the act of surrender has not yet been signed. And at the central office while on duty Zina Putintseva of Novosibirsk. But communicators as everyone knows … And every hour I called her, Zina, well, have signed? It is — no. Later, again, Zina signed? It is — no.

And at two in the morning call. It says signed! When it started to dawn, the sun was up, a colorful, truly victorious day, we were at the station runs a pilot, I had earlier in my life beheld, and shouts of whole voice:
— Woman! The war is over!
I said:
— I know already!

He runs into the room where our girls were sleeping, and yelling at the top of the voice:
War! The war is over!

What started here! Everyone jumped up, started obymatsya, congratulating each other, who laughed, who was sobbing, began to play the accordion here, someone set off a dance, and some jumped into the yard and began to fire into the sky. And from other houses ran half-dressed soldiers and officers shouting and firing into the air. Of all types of guns, who was what.

Imagine — Berlin, the sun rises. And the whole city is a solid, continuous crackle of gunfire. So we met the Victory day … And in the evening we went with the girls to sign on the walls of the Reichstag. I wrote simply, "We have overcome!".

After returning from the service, take off his coat. I kiss his wife and son. Together we go to the kitchen. There is almost ready. At the table, propping handles light brown head sits and stares for our actions Matveyka offspring. He knows for sure — his ancestors were most notable in the world. And the most savory food — it's potatoes "in front-line."

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