Predict the fate of snow

Our ancestors Slavs believed that the most reliable way to know the future — on the mirror to tell fortunes.

However, if the New Year you will want to look to the future, not necessarily through the night to look in the mirror, to plant in the flat spiders, dirty paint or burning tar. There are simpler methods of divination.

New Year's Eve set the small plate on the balcony with the water, and in the morning, carefully inspect the ice. If the ice is frozen tubercle — year will be successful, you will find peace and tranquility in the family, career achievements, and other gifts of destiny. If the ice is smooth — the year will be stable, without shocks, if the water froze in waves, you are guaranteed an interesting life: the ups and downs, victories and disappointments of love — is not let you get bored.

With the help of a coin

This divination helps to know what will be your financial situation in the coming year. Take a penny and three saucers. Exit the room, and your family at this time though will hide a coin under one of the saucers. Go back and try to guess where the money is. Find it on the first try — wait permanent salary support, easy money and a stable income. If successful will be the second attempt, your financial situation will be reliable, but do not expect a lot of money, but if a coin has only the third time, is to postpone something for a rainy day, there are chances that a stash handy.
On snow

If you are a girl of marriageable age, the mandatory New Year's Eve on the street and go into a snowdrift. In the morning, carefully inspect the trail in the snow. If the snow was fluffy, your future spouse will be gentle and agreeable, if the track hard, in marriage offers Shakespearean passions, if the trace depth is likely you will find a few marriages, and if no trace is left, then, until you get married early.
On matches

Take two matches and put them on the sides of a matchbox. One match — it is you, the second — your lover or beloved. Ignite and see how it looks charred head. If they bowed to each other, reciprocity in the next year you are guaranteed if the "look" in different directions in the new year you will find a new love.

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