Prediction of dangerous and adverse events in the Far East

VLADIVOSTOK, September 5, PrimaMedia. Typhoon TALAS, slightly weakened and turned into a tropical cyclone, we still note by heavy rain in the eastern regions of the Far East. Hydrometeorological Center of Russia published forecast of dangerous and adverse events in the coming days, according to RIA PrimaMedia.

Precipitation will be September 5 at most of the Khabarovsk Territory, September 6 — in the east, and September 7 very heavy rain, accompanied by winds of 15-20 m / s are expected in the northern areas of the province.

Heavy rain held September 5-7 in Sakhalin, and September 6-7, its intensity increases. September 5-6, in the south Kuril also expected heavy rain, wind of 15-20 m / s.

On September 7-9, the cyclone will be observed in most of the Magadan region.

In these days of heavy rain will be in the east of Yakutia, a wind of 15-20 m / s (8-9 September on the coast of Yakutia to 24 m / s).

In the Chukchi Autonomous Region on the coast on September 5 wind 18-23 m / s. September 8 in Pevek, and on September 9 in most of the peninsula will be rain, wind 19-24 m / s.

Tuesday, September 6, in the Primorsky Territory heavy rain (at night is very strong).

By RIA PrimaMedia recall that a tropical cyclone is located in the central part of the Japan Sea. According to the Maritime meteorologist, on the eastern coast of the region are still very heavy rains, most of the rainfall — 71 mm — fell in Olga, 69 mm — in the turn. Heavy rain in the afternoon on September 5 began in the central areas of the province. On the coast — the wind speeds up to 25 m / s.Tayfun Talas, which caused a lot of trouble on the coast of Japan, continues to move to the south-east coast of Primorye. Expected loss over the monthly rainfall. Weather in Primorye better to the environment, the storm will move to the Tatar Strait to the coast of the Khabarovsk Territory.

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