Primer — the keeper of wisdom

PrimerPrimer — a complex esoteric philosophy, a system of world perception, spiritual discipline and dedication of the Spiritual Path of our Ancestors. They have the ability to communicate with the Unified Field Events Earth and Space, and because of this, the entire body of knowledge possessed by birth. And wrong to us, their descendants, to go with the old way, hozhenogo set, forget this spiritual discipline in our day.

Native language — is the basis of the physical health of the nation, a means of expressing the depth of its information, cultural and spiritual perfection.

Each letter Staroslovenskogo Primer interpreted as text, decoding the original meaning of which is based on a combination of fundamental knowledge and insight.

Many likely remember box of bricks, which each side was drawn in the letter, which you learn to be playing the whole words. But what if we imagine the same game for the modern adult. In place of dice — the letters of ancient Slavic alphabet. Where each letter has a multi-faceted way, that is, the original image has a lot of facets of "sides." Selecting different faces challenges alternately drop caps, you need to make sense of their interaction "side", that is able to read the wisdom hidden in the alphabet.

Examples for the next drop caps can imagine a great many. I decided to base the location of ancient Slavic letters of the alphabet their numerical numbers, even on a "Fibonacci". And given that the number series consists of nine numbers that are repeated endlessly, creating higher and higher orders. That is, the number 9 is the highest number, and the number 10 is already a unit of the next order, as well as the number 12 is already a triple of the same order (12 = 1 +2 = 3). The whole infinitude numerically has a fractal structure which is based on nine numbers, and to determine the value of a large number to add up all the components of its numbers. For example, 482 = 4 +8 +2 = 14 = 1 +4 = 5, that is, the number 482 is in one of the five levels of the fractal structure of numerical order.

The result was a series of numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, but since the characters are much more, of the following orders I have allocated the same number. For example, a unit of the respective numbers: 10, 19, 28, 37, and so on. The result was a table that shows only a small portion of faces-images of each letters extant. As for the images, there is a set of descriptions from different sources. I took the basis for two sources: lectures Asgardskogo religious school, and the book "Tribal Primer" author L. Efimtseva, TF Oshurkova.

But it must be said at once that logically connect face images of drop caps would be very difficult, so you can only get the text. But the wisdom inherent in these texts can only be felt.

Table of letters

I tried to set up a table to connect the images of the first row consisting of drop caps: Az, Gods, Lead, Good, Belly. And that's what I got:

Man as an earthly God, by the Gods in heaven knows that Genesis Worldwide Reveal — the likeness and reflection of Being in Heaven (which is above — so below), and that spiritual experience improvement in the World Reveal need knowledge of life is in three forms: physical , emotional and spiritual.

In this case, the text could be simplified without changing the original image, and say:

Rusich from the gods know, that the main condition of the earth as the Path of the Gods and the Way of Heaven is to achieve harmony between the spirit, soul and body.

And I totally agree with this wisdom, because such a thing as perfection is only relative, as it is a decisive Harmony. You can be absolutely anyone physically, having a strong and enduring body, but do not have the flight of thought and imagination. You can be absolutely anyone spiritually, while having a weak body to feel their inferiority, and to be self-contained. And only by achieving harmony between body, mind, and soul, the person discovers the great features of perception of the world, just as it did his wise ancestors.

Read the following string of drop caps: Earth, Who, Izhei, Herve, Myslete, I got as:

Spirituality of matter due to the fact that it was originally connected with the Spirit descending into it, which appears in Reveal mysletvorchestvom Light Shower, striving for perfection.

It says that the matter spiritualize bright soul going to the Golden Path. It can be concluded that Spiritualized World — a world of bright people who create anything material, as they say, "with the Soul." Putting the soul in any of their creativity through bright ideas, good people continue to Reveal the Creator's plan — thus building up the matter and filling it with Spirit. In contrast, there are dark worlds, representatives of which lack the ability to spiritualize matter, and in this regard, building a technocratic society where any creativity engendered not by cold reason and soul.
A number of drop caps: On, Rest, recurrent, hard, Fert, says that:

To the knowledge of the unknown, due to the perception of the state of serenity and balance that will absorb and transfer from the gods, they bestowed wisdom, which is essential.

Or, more simply:

Reaching the state of serenity and tranquility, you can communicate with the gods and ancestors.

This wisdom is quite logical, because for this kind of communication do not need any drugs (hallucinogens) funds. That really only restrict the ability of perception. More specifically, the first such tools can show you something unseen before, but each time they will increasingly limit your perception until you destroy it all. It is not a secret that such funds, from simple painkillers to strong hallucinogenic — weaken the will, each in his degree. And it was the will is essential for the development and use of various practices change perception. And in order to receive instructions from above, and it is from your gods and ancestors, you need a healthy physical and astral body, strong will, and the state of harmony, peace and balance.

Further, the letters: Ot, Qi, Chervl, shta, Eph, told that:

Soul begins the way, you need commitment to improve the system of life, by Creation of Generic and hereditary Circle, which will enable its growth and the opening of its capabilities.

And if you simply:

Way to improve Soul Rusich in propagation of his race and maintaining family tradition.

Today, all sorts of religious, philosophical, esoteric currents offer big set of methods and practices of spiritual evolution. But for Rusov all of them — an empty word. For Rusichi By Evolution of the Soul is the continued and increasing its kind, that it (the soul) is a necessary condition for the acquisition of necessary qualities allow you to go to Svarga, ie more multi-dimensional worlds. A true continuation of the species is only possible while maintaining or reviving the true tribal traditions that have helped to improve the Ancestors.

The last line of Yun, apb, Edo, En, Ota, said:

Independent structure associated with the One, but he was moving out of the main stream, the path of self-improvement, and does not own the knowledge of the truth, but only looking for a way to it.


Soul belonged to the heaven, but going by the independent, not by CONAMA Creator who do not know, and is always in search of direction.

This wisdom is particularly the case left his family, and choose your own path outside the family tradition. Devoid of soul a kind of patronage is ignorant of the true path. As a rule it is the lost souls — to refuse protection order, and also fallen — violated laws are the Creator. An explicit example of this — the way of the Fallen Arlegov limited Aran World due to the fact that not knowing the laws and principles of spiritual evolution, a soul can not properly distinguish between good and evil. Of course independent way is not prohibited, it is also a rewarding experience for the Soul (Soul must know everything), but it is limited to a certain limit. And go back to the right path so souls can only be through the World Reveal in which to learn the laws are again climbing the golden ladder, by observing family tradition. And if it is a tradition forgotten or lost, the first task to revive them! The process of returning to the family in connection with this is complicated, but the more difficult path, the greater the reward.

Slavic Alphabet in contrast to the Soviet alphabet, is a universal storage and transmission of wisdom, and a huge amount of knowledge. Her letters are intelligent texts, regardless of their number and relative positions, as well as forms of reading — horizontally, vertically, diagonally. For a basis of the location of the drop caps you can take a variety of mathematical series (by ordinal drop caps), and the very words written in ancient form. Understanding the components of word images drop caps can understand the original meaning of the words.

For example:


M — Letter "Myslete", image: "thought";

And — Letter "begotten", image: "energy";

[F] — The sound of letters "Theta", image: "ripe seed";

B — Letter "Er", image: "Under the cover of the Higher Powers";

It turns out — Seed thought energy, matured under the cover of the Higher Powers.


About — Letter "He", image: "Creator";

B — Letter "Gods", image: "in the Gods";

P — Letter "Rtsy" image, "speaketh of";

A — Letter "Az", image: "Elements";

NW — Letter "Earth", the image of "the earth";

B — Letter "ER", image: "creation";

It turns out — by the Creator Gods speaketh of the earth Elements creation.


M — Letter "Myslete", image: "thought";

I — Letter "UK", image: "cause";

F — Initial "live", the image of "Life";

B — Letter "Er," image ", and create her";

It turns out — thoughts cause life and creates her.


F — Initial "live" image, "the giver of life."

E — Letter "is": "The Genesis and";

H — Letter "Nash", image: "Light";

A — Letter "Az", image: "Asa of the Earth";

It turns out — Asu Earth Light of Being and Life giver.


B — The sound of the letter "Gods", the image of "the divine."

CC — The name of the letter (Uk), image: "message";

In — The sound of the letter "lead", image: "manage";

A — The sound of the letter "az", image: "start";

The letter — a "top vedaniya divine message."

(Transcript of the words from the book "Generic Primer" author L. Efimtseva, TF Oshurkova).

Another very important to know what pronunciation of letters, specifically the throat and nasal sounds are very important. Here is an excerpt of the article "Rusich, awaken their linguistic genetic memory" of Academician L. Kuban International Academy Efimtseva:

Why from Russian letters were removed, passed on nasal sounds? Nasal twang or in pronunciation:

a) opens the Eustachian tubes in the head, giving the ability of clairaudience b) activates the simultaneous operation of both hemispheres of the brain. (Our children and we, for the most part, are the left hemisphere, as the education system is built on the work of the left hemisphere only) c) stimulates the pituitary gland — the center will.

The sound generated in the nasal cavity, it is necessary to block the air flow to the mouth by lifting the back of the tongue (the point of the kidneys) to the soft palate.

As our health affected nasal loss? — Apart from the fact that the kidneys have stopped receiving additional audio stimulation, weakened and our connection with the Spirit, as the upper three chakras are getting less vibration.

Nasality as a phonetic phenomenon exists in a number of languages. So, in English, there are eight parts of speech, in which basis is specific nasal. An English language daily says it numerous times.

Butte Energy reformers language through vowels, the embodiment of the active male energy. Figuratively speaking, the vowels — a river, according to (female energy) — its banks. Shallow river, the banks collapse, life around the stops.

Of 11 of our vowels to date remained half, 50% of the energy is lost.

I hope that all the foregoing will push you, Rusich, begin the study and teaching of the mother tongue in the family. Start with yourself!

B — axis — is becoming a kind of generations to start. Learn the language of their ancestors.

Be attentive to his every word, wondering: "It is a native or someone else's? "" How is the mother tongue can be replaced someone else's? "And when one day one of the words in itself, will reveal to you their importance, remember it because you will never-ending conversation with the world of your wise ancestors, the world of things and events around you, speak your ancestral memory.



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