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More than 700 people were arrested after the presidential elections in Belarus. Who was in the paddy wagon at the Independence Square, who — on the way home, who — with the hospital wards, who — from his home … Artist Alexander Pushkin had the honor going to jail the first — yet December 8, eleven days before the mass Hapuna, he was arrested and sentenced to 13 days. I met the artist at his home in the village of Beaver Krupki area on the second day after his release.

Michas Scoble: "Alexander, I'm glad to see you on the loose. Let's go back to those pre-election days. How was your arrest?"

Ales Pushkin: "At first the policeman came to me and talked allegedly warned that I might be arrested before the election. And in fact, he just wanted to make sure I'm home alone, with no witnesses, no wife, no kids. And then came into my yard resident Beaver Viktor Lazarevic and began to say that I promised to give him a picture. I immediately understood. I took Lazarevic's hand, neatly brought out of the gate into the street and said, "Vic, just after the elections come in this territory." I thought it was something to throw. He stood and shuffled his feet and walked away. Five minutes later the police entered the house and said they received a call that I beat countryman. I decided not to go with them, do not answer the questions … It's — the only form of protest is a free man in the circumstances. When I have brought to the grist, the camera, I said that I would not eat. The police tried to make my words as a joke, "therapeutic fasting, please Has the right." But I wrote to the prosecutor that the hunger strike — my protest that I will be on the court and be silent, I will be in handcuffs in silence and let the judges judge, let me for the answers. "

Scoble: "You're thirteen days of hunger strike. Which was more difficult, and that is helping you to step back from his intentions?"

Pushkin: "I have gene-serving to the difficulties. For example, my grandmother Juliana went on foot to Kiev. Winter, she told me to fast for 20 days, but

The hunger strike was held hard. The cell was about 9.6 percent of the heat, I was lying covered with a blanket, shore power, energy saving …

lie — do nothing. And I realized that if I lie down, drink water, go to the toilet at least twice a day, then stand. However, the food was in his eyes. The one piece of liver, which I have not eaten in the house … After all, if the police came, the wife realized that I will not be long, and decided to feed me until they decide to detain me or not. The police tried to persuade me about half an hour to go, but not persuaded. And then took it away. And here is the half-eaten piece of liver thousands of times I recall at 3, 4, 5, 6 day of my hunger strike. On the seventh day, when it appeared the lawyer, I was gentle and kind, on the eighth — was pleased. It was only soured relations on the night of December 19 and 20. And so I was won over. I really liked Captain Makarov, chief of Krupskaya prison. He — this Slavic type, officer, cheerful, clean-shaven, wearing a white shirt on. I was amazed that a man who is starving, a phenomenal sense of smell! If I worked in a place that I would have to shave every day, put on a shirt and tie belasnezhnuyu when went to the camera. A person who does not eat for ten days, just amazing smell of another person. The hunger strike was held hard. The cell was about 9.6 percent of the heat, I was lying covered with a blanket, shore power, saving energy. "

Scoble: "How do you Krupskaya belonged to the police?"

Pushkin"What would we say, December 19 in Minsk should happen offense. Advance the state warned," Do not come under the regime protected objects, because it is illegal. "The people have a right to come to vote. And coming on the Square, you — are the offender . And any police officer looks at you like an arsonist on the same machine. you for it — like the one Arab who throws a grenade through the window … and the policeman with a clear conscience beat you. I was a different situation. bath I smoked in House sitting son Mikolka and drew. came to the house five policemen, were taken to the black raven brought to Krupki. And they said to me apologetically, justifying their actions, "Nikolayevich, once you get here, is not we put you here, we work here . "For my part, asked only valid relationship. 'Cause I'm not the prison population, which usually gets there. All these Dimona, which rastapyrvayuts fingers. And the police knew about it. Therefore, treated me well. And all arrested on the night from 19 to 20 and later discussed the convoy as villains. And therefore without pity, with a sense of accomplishment harm. "

Scoble: "To fight with you using the power of your fellow villagers. At one time you" helped "John Jay, now — Viktor Lazarevic, who, by the way, six times in jail. After all, he complained to the police that you beat him".

"And what greets me in the street. And it happens to me then transmit his words:" Why is this will put Pushkin, used and released when it is sent to prison and will not be released? ". So come up to such a person and ask: "But why do you want to have in the house windows were broken, so in my yard growing weeds that were not hanging diapers in the yard? Easier life would you then? '." Yes No, Alex, I did not say that, I love you … ". Listen to this, of course, the ugly. A person as a walker in the background, he spent most of his life in prison for theft, for robbery. Belarusian Not for the same language, not at the rally. "

Scoble: "And do you have any friends in the Beavers? Need to your countrymen," the call of freedom, "wrote about your famous namesake Alexander Pushkin?"

I — the only professional artist to 32,000 residents Krupsk area, but it turns out that I do not need …

Pushkin"Not there, my wife and friends in the Beavers. Though there is an elite in the town: the Orthodox priest, the director of the school, a Protestant pastor, the chairman of the village council, the librarians. Beavers We have lived in for 13 years and today I am stating a fact: I do not want people to call freedom , do not respond to the soul, there is no resonance in their souls. I — the only professional artist to 32,000 residents Krupsk area, but it turns out that I do not need it. treat me like? Matsyarshchynnik, the villain, the gangster. remains only when I'm on Midsummer I cook soup and frequent people attribute to me cooking and selling moonshine.'s when for a full kamplektnastsi and this article I vsabachats — then it is a rustic villain happens. "

Scoble: "The day after the massacre, December 20, at the Independence Square came only a few dozen young people … What in the Belarusians more — Gene fear, or fear, acquired during Lukashenko?"

Pushkin: "16 years of Lukashenko did what our Belarusian men are cowards. Krupskaya Police did not know is that behind me after the service in the army 28 days guardhouse for hazing. 28 days of military guardhouse Kunduz and Kabul in Afghanistan — is not 13 Krupsk day prison … But back to the issue of the Belarusian men. Now, if you were given once a club, became angry and would go on the offensive! But for some reason 80% of Belarusian men in pain, the fear to give the heel. 'Here is the problem of the Belarusian nation , the problem of the Belarusians. Chechen men, Azeri-men do not behave. &

Scoble: "If you do not preventively detained, would you go to the Square?"

Pushkin: "No. Not at one go. Whom to go to the barricades? For older man who was a civil servant with Lukashenka? Sannikov I'm talking about. He does not speak in the Belarusian language, and it will not be the Belarus Belarus. And participation in the presidential campaign Neklyaeva poet — a performance. "

Scoble: "What do you call" performance ", has led to beatings, imprisonment and loss of consciousness."

Pushkin"And yet it is a performance of a creative person such as myself. Neither do I, by the way, I will run for president in 2015. Ales Pushkin — a presidential candidate, the time will come and you will see this is my art project. I love to show their art projects for the first time not abroad, but at Belarusian sites. Who else was there? Rymashevski — young, bright, handsome guy. But he just went into politics. What will happen to him after 15 years? Let's observe Rymashevsky ten years, we'll see on his future life. then maybe I'll go to the area in 2020 for Rymasheuski. "

Scoble: "But today, they — and Nekljaev and Sannikov and Rymashevski — in prison."

So now my position — solidarity with the detainees, as they are suffering and are in poor condition, in which I myself was only the day before yesterday …

Pushkin: "The fact that they were put in jail, let's say, soundly by the authorities. Detention But you could do with less brutality. Example, I am no one has ever hit. Illegal and unjustified cruelty to people who have tried to challenge the results elections. Moreover, tried to do it in a civilized, in the framework of the Constitution and the law. inadequate and cruel attitude, a cave: heartbeat, blood … The cruelty of the authorities makes a very bad thing for the image of Belarus in the world. So now my position — solidarity with the detainees, as they are suffering and are in poor condition, in which I myself was only the day before yesterday. Yet, in spite of everything, I do not want them to run on foreign embassies and love the people. When released, not to run for emigration do not wander in foreign countries. "

Scoble: "Today Belarus is spreading action of solidarity with those who are in prison. And who expressed solidarity with you when you're sitting?"

Pushkin: "Information insulation — a form of imprisonment, if you absolutely do not know what's going on behind life. And when he returned, it was very nice to hear from the wife, that many people have expressed their support for her. Andrei Alekhnovich immediately took action came on human rights defenders . to his wife in a school called the Swedish Ambassador Stefan Eriksson, expressed condolences. Supported and artist Gennady Drozdov, chairman of the association "The Chase" (I went back there after changed its leader Nikolai Kupava). artist Marina Naprushkina, who lives in Berlin, organized the support of many artists from Germany and Sweden. Krupki In faxes started coming in different languages, I'm not a gangster, and the artist. therefore Marina thank you for your solidarity. artist from Smorgon Valentin Varanishcha picked up and transferred 400,000 rubles Pushkin — except the warm words of support. And Fabrizio complaints — long-term OSCE observer mission — visited my little wife, asked her about our political views, our participation in the collection of signatures for opposition candidates, asked why we boycott the elections. And, of course, a very important act: December 17 Shreds Mihnovets Vitaly Rymashevski and another 50 people arrived at the police building Krupskaya, and I'm lying in the chamber, he heard a dull prison walls: "Freedom Pushkin". I started, called Captain Makarov and say, "Well, Captain, Belarusian Solidarity is?." And the captain, good-natured, cheerful guy said, "Yes, Alexander Nikolayevich." To me it was very nice. "

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