Proleskovsky accuses independent and foreign media

Information Ministry has serious claims to the series does notState media on the coverage of the campaign presidential election of the country, told the news agency Interfax Information Minister Oleg Proleskovsky.

"A large number of publications wore openly anti-state character, many of them contained false information, insult and defamation, incitement to engage in unauthorized activities," — said A. Proleskovsky.

He also believes that "in such publications is a significant part of the blame for riots, took place at the Independence Square on December 19. "

In this regard, A. Proleskovsky promised to "closely examine the activities of these media" and "give them a proper legal assessment."

A. Proleskovsky also believes that some Russian media accredited to cover campaign Belarus, covered their "extremely biased and tendentious."

"With the normalization of the Belarusian-Russian relations, which akreslilasya in early December, these actions can only be seen as an attempt to prevent the development of certain circles of the process," — said the Minister.

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