Pyramid of the Sun was hiding inside the ancient god

Experts from the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico has a historical discovery. It turns out that archaeologists had found a sculpture of the ancient god of the Maya — Ueueteotlya. This deity represents the fire and hearth.

But most scientists were surprised the place where it was found a godsend. Sculpture and two stelae were stored for years in the famous pyramid of the sun at the height of 66 meters. Archaeologists can not yet explain how they got there. According to a pre-release, early on top of the pyramid was a temple, which was later destroyed by the locals or conquerors.

Previously, scientists have made another remarkable discovery. Archaeologists had discovered the tomb of King Richard III, who died in the War of the Roses. Found the remains of the king was in September in one of the car parks in Leicester. However, to confirm the identity of the remains of the royal blood could only now with DNA testing. Samples of ancient bones showed genetic similarity with other ancestors of the royal family.

It is learned that the remains of Richard III is planned to bury in the Cathedral of Leicester. It is still unknown the exact date of the reburial. For years, scientists have been trying to find the burial place of the deceased king. Find a grave they significantly helped radiocarbon analysis. Kogdav experts examined the bones found, they found the skeleton of about ten wounded, eight of them — in the skull.

The analysis identified the remains, archaeologists were able to restore the face of the king. It turned out that did not look like an ugly tyrant, as previously described it in his works, William Shakespeare. In fact, the king had a pleasant facial features, slightly aquiline nose and protruding chin.

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