Qatar claims to be the regional favorite

The war in Libya has revealed a new center of power in the Arab world — is Qatar. Doha has become the most adherent alternate revolutions in the Arab countries. Belonging to the family of the Emir of Qatar TV channel "Al Jazeera" has long been the most popular in the Arab world. Even the Western media and politicians began to express concern about "too independent" Doha actions in Libya. Qatar got into this war, having on this very presupposition, being the third country in the world in the supplies of natural gas and the 6th to export natural gas, he did not like the plans to promote Tripoli Libyan liquefied natural gas (LNG). And the game against Qatar Colonel in Africa, for example, specifically Tripoli prevented "the Qatari initiative" to reconcile the parties in Darfur (Sudan).

It should be noted that Qatar has become one of the main enemies of the Libyan Jamahiriya and successfully dominates the situation in the country under him, with all this, is not particularly paying attention to the interests of its own allies. Doha funded and stuff the instrument it controls the Libyan rebel groups (the main Islamist). For example, in Benghazi, the Qataris delivered walkie-talkies, portable anti-tank missile systems "Milan". And then generally accepted role in the war directly. Qatari special forces took part in the storming of Tripoli, including the capture of Gaddafi's residence Bab al-Azizia. The fact that the role of a ground operation against the Jamahiriya recognized themselves Qataris — Chief of the General Staff of the armed forces of the monarchy Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah (Attiyah) has said that "hundreds of fighter from Qatar were in all areas, they were training, and liaise between the rebels and NATO members" .

Curiously, although the UN Security Council and NATO officially turned in operation Libya, Doha has its own worldview and on this occasion. Chief of the General Staff of the armed forces, a relative of the emir of Qatar, Hamad Bin, General Ali Al-Atia said that the Qatari Air Force will assist the NTC. The general said that "the need for such assistance is saved." But it will not help in a joint operation with the Alliance, and on the basis of new bilateral agreements Qatar and Libya. The degree of the role of the Qatari Air Force aircraft and nature of their tasks will be determined during the negotiations regardless of the needs of Libya. Will be immediately created a new multi-national alliance for joint action in the Libyan state, and it is headed by Qatar. According to the Qatari chief of general staff, this new military alliance will no longer conduct military action in Libya, because there is no such need. The main objective of this alliance — to assist in the development of the modern Libyan army. The Union will be busy with military training of Libyan armed forces, to make coordination and provide other assistance, because in the current time in Tripoli is no air force, no navy, no border guards. Qatar is willing to assist in the organization of maritime and land borders, the country's oil facilities, assist PNS do sun and the security forces.

In addition, Qatar is increasingly interfering in the course of formation of new bodies of executive power of Libya. And, trying not only to push for the top post their minions (in the municipality of the capital they're a big part of it), and has almost openly began to dictate the heads of government of Libyan Transitional Council (NTC) the conditions.

Not only in the West with suspicion observe the actions of Qatar, he has rivals in Libya itself. Minister of Finance of the new Libyan government and part-time "main liberal" Ali Tartuni, Doha has already warned about "the need to knock on the door before you enter into it." The President of France, in October held talks with the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani. After reporting on the need for "more closely coordinate their actions" in Libya with NATO and the NTC.

Qatar has become a claim for itself as a brand new regional favorite, since the early 2000s. Qataris tried intensively to establish contacts and relations with the African Union and with the mass of various 'warlords' favorite rebel and opposition movements in the countryside Near and Middle East, in Africa. Absolute monarchy, following the example of England (1916-1971 years in the territory of modern Qatar was a British protectorate), began to provide their area to live disgraced opposition favorites rebel movements. Doha began to proclaim their area "safety zone" where all the opposition can live in security.

This situation informally recognized Muslim countries, as long as this order was not disturbed by the views of Qataris, one of the Russian special services, which eliminated the terrain Qatar former Chechen president Zelimkhan (in 2004). Qatar after a painful response, flexibility has transformed its policies "on Russian direction" and moved on to the creation of the strategy with the Russian Federation of a new international gas cartel that had to become analogue of OPEC.

Creating a global TV channel "Al Jazeera" and gas OPEC is fully integrated into the strategy to transform Doha Qatar in principle player in the Middle East region. Moreover, the Qataris actually demonstrate resilience and European in words and in deeds, becoming a worthy rival Saudi Arabia. Now we can say that we litsezreem two projects in one bolshennom project — "the Arab caliphate." The Saudis have limited the project, and Qatar the "modernization." Doha creatively implements secured Westerners experience — "safe haven" for the opposition, the disgraced favorites (applied to develop the English), "Al-Jazeera" (layout — South American CNN). TV channel thanks to the huge cash injections and experience of professionals hired by the British turned into one of the main tools of Doha in the Islamic world. Muslims through this channel were the first in their own stories "own" TV. "Al-Jazeera" and demonstrated the states that want to build, and to listen to the majority of the Arabs. Since the war in Iraq channel intensely won his audience, and when they started "Arab revolution" and the war in Libya, was able to let himself through experience accumulated authority, drive misinformation.

Qataris excellent "counted" wants his own audience, based on which a heightened sense of "national insult" of Arabs and Muslims in general in the face of dangerous imperialists and Zionists (although they are in fact not lamb). Therefore, the channel became the mouthpiece and the "Al-Qaeda", which "defied" the new "crusaders", combining a more active part of the Arab population.

At the current time, Qatar is using, in the main, two tools for the growth of self-exposure: propaganda and money. Qatari investment is very desirable in almost all the countries of the Arab world, for example in Tunisia. On military force Doha can not call because of the small population and its territory — only 11586 km ² and 1.6 million people. Although "the Libyan experience," and says that, when necessary, Fur coat may use military force. Qatari elite wants to lead the process of "modernization" of the Islamic world, when to replace the authoritarian secular regimes are moderate Islamic government, at very least at first. The question is whether Qatar will be able to do this? His opponent — Saudi Arabia, is very strong and at the same time vulnerable because of inertia and conservatism. Riyadh will not just maintain its medieval concepts in a new world. In this respect, the position of Qatar more presentable.

By removing the
Libyan Jamahiriya, Qatar has gained access to the Black continent, previously closed road charismatic Gaddafi and his modernization project of the African Union. Besides Colonel had significant monetary resources in Africa did not need Qatar, when there was a generous Libya. Therefore, from this side should wait for strengthening the position of Qatar, not only in Libya and Tunisia, and in other African countries and the strengthening of Islamist movements, which will stand for the Qataris. Here Algeria will be very tight, in the north of Africa, this is the de facto final country, where there was "modernization." Morocco is not in the bill, its monarch has already agreed to a "new line".

Earlier, there was a revolution in Egypt, that is now in Africa fell two regional favorite, the "field" to penetrate freely. Natural ally for expansion into Africa to Doha Paris looks, but the main opponent is likely to be China. Beijing can refocus on supporters of the idea of integration of Africa.

So Makar, the Middle East, now we need to pay attention not only to the activities of the centers of power of old times — Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Turkey, and the small Qatar. Doha plays its game in Yemen, Palestine, Syria and Africa.

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