Quality tools determines success in battle

Dmitry Rogozin: "systematic work is required to establish a means of close combat"

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, April 9 held at Government House meeting on "Status and prospects of small arms and ammunition, in the interests of law enforcement agencies and departments." The event was the role of members of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defence and the Industry and Trade Ministry, State Company "Russian Technologies", as the federal executive authorities, companies and defense organizations, members of the Russian government.

Gordian knot of problems that have accumulated over 20 years in the Russian defense industry, not cut with a single blow. This Dmitry Rogozin ascertained in the course of numerous trips to the defense companies of. The only correct solution — a system phased approach. Development small tools — One of the steps in the work.

No funerals in peacetime

We devote a lot of time developing strategic weapons, air and space defense, strategic nuclear forces, hoping it remains a political weapon, in other words, will never be used. Strategic balance of forces is based specifically on the concept of mutual assured destruction in the event of the outbreak of a major war. These weapons must be RF. The very fact of their existence — the guarantee of preserving the sovereignty of the country on long years.

Against the backdrop of the global defense tasks issue of small arms weapons may seem inconsequential. But only at first glance.

"It is small instrument is now virtually every day using our servicemen in the North Caucasus to protect the security of the country and saving the lives of our people — said Rogozin. — He's constantly conducted counterterrorism operations, it is opposed to the wave of violence directed against our people. Because fundamentally very secure Russian Federation Armed Forces, Interior Troops, the special services necessary for all the targets. With the least, even zero loss of personnel. "

It is necessary to develop the technology and capacity to allow our military to conduct contactless battle at a distance from bolshennom Technical benefits over the enemy. Here, there is no detail, and can not be. Speech — the quality of the small arms, suspended equipment to him, optics, ammunition, personal physical protection.

"We must all do to funerals we did not come in time of peace of the hot points — highlighted Dmitry Rogozin. — And the quality of our small arms in this play an important role. But while we are fighting that produces our industry. "

The analysis of the current trends of wars and armed conflicts, states: together with a precision weapon, armored vehicles, aircraft and air defense leading countries of the world are now paying great attention to improve the skills of each soldier.

Developed a promising military complexes infantryman. Increases the reliability of personal protective properties grow small arms ammunition, detection and reconnaissance systems. All this is very necessary in the modern army combat, and in the conduct of special operations, including counterterrorism.

Laboratory MIC

The Russian military-industrial complex is now able to provide a full cycle of development and production of all types of small tools. On large service properties they say and permanent characteristics of exports to the world market. Russian (Russian) military small tool at the moment armed army more than 55 countries. Kalashnikov rifle until now remains one of the most famous global brands.

Defense Ministry and other power ministries and departments determine the main requirements for a promising specimen of weapons. The industry must provide the output needed an army of IWT in the right quantities.

At the current time in the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of Russian Federation created a special Interdepartmental Working Group (laboratory). The decision to develop was taken back from the meeting in Izhevsk, is the vice-premier Rogozin held during the visit in January 2012 (the "military-industrial complex», № 4). Laboratory represent the best developers, leading designers, the ideologues are not only small guns, and all parts of the twenty-first century warrior outfit. So Makarov, then concentrated experience, the knowledge, the present practice of people who use tool, other means of close combat. In the words of Rogozin, this "trainers of trainers" in the armed forces, internal forces and security services. Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation is very trusts that in the coming weeks, days are, hours laboratory MIC will work and will give the first solutions, tips.

Dmitry Rogozin stressed the extreme intrigued defense in the absence of intermediaries in cooperation between customer and supplier. This will speed up the job, the money supply, the definition of a new type of weapons and military equipment. For example, the performers know that with the gun, figuratively speaking, to "sleep" — to live with him some time. Visit with him in a variety of combat situations to identify the strengths and feeble hand, to construct certain requirements. Only on the basis of such practices can be put puzzles based on the designers and developers to use those or other calibers different criteria in the fight. You must be able to predict a promising form of armed struggle and on the basis of this analysis to produce solutions, tips.

The implementation of a systematic approach

Perhaps the main purpose of the laboratory — cooperation of the general (basic) designers and professionals in companies of the defense-industrial complex with the practices (La Spezia) power ministries and departments on the development, production and modernization battle first gear and small arms.

For the operation of this structure on the basis of the federal Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Central Research Institute of Machine Building clear" (Klimovsk Capital Region) created the Joint Test (expert) center. It will provide a comprehensive approach to conducting experimental studies on the full range of tasks in the creation of a set of military equipment as a whole and its individual parts.

It is planned to organize a constantly operating exhibition of domestic and foreign small guns. Tasked to do a very comprehensive collection of tools.

The main thing — to bring to the creation and modernization of small weapons experts. Performing combat tasks, these people can design requirements that our industry and must embody. Also in this work will be used all-Russian sports public organization "Russian Federation practical shooting."

So Makar, highlighted Rogozin, who is invited to a saturated system work on the creation and modernization of modern combat equipment. First, small tools and equipment close combat.

Severe attention will be paid to the study of experience in implementation of small guns in the criteria of the fighting, and the analysis of new types of weapons, including zabugornyh. Plans to organize a controlled operation of military equipment and its individual parts in the special units of the Defense Ministry, the Federal Security Service, Interior Ministry, as in the formations and units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Tips will be developed to train military personnel of various specialties.

Practice Times

Within the last meeting at the Government House were specified state and development prospects of small arms and ammunition, in the interests of law enforcement agencies and departments. As a result, some proposals are formed and decisions that do
not allow to lose the competitive ability of Russian models of small guns, and the Russian Federation as a whole posodeystvuyut remain one of the leading exporters of arms and military equipment.

The meeting was the role of representatives of various law enforcement agencies of the executive power. Very basically it is true that among those invited were those who will use the tool in the battle. In other words, those who have to formulate a "defense" certain requirements and technical specifications. Specifically, in the absence of such jobs earlier accused the Ministry of Defence. Itself — the inability to identify specific tasks addressed to developers to formulate reasonable tactical and technical properties of a promising arms and military equipment. The presence at the meeting of the Land Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Postnikov, Commander of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry, Army General Nikolai Rogozhkina, representatives of other law enforcement agencies states that the ice was broken. It is to such a tight fit, and the interaction of the siloviki "defense" and called on President-elect Vladimir Putin, when the issue of pricing of products for the defense of the Russian Navy. Hunt to believe that this will continue.

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