Quality tools is the basis of many victories

Without national support to solve the problem of the country's defense is unreal

The weekly "Military-Industrial Courier" publishes the report of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation, Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission, Dmitry Rogozin, made in the State Duma on February 28.

Article Vladimir Putin on the Armed Forces and the military-industrial complex "to be strong" is just software and strategic nature. Because at the present time it is necessary to conduct on how to put into practice the thesis outlined in this doctrinal document. And what is being done to modernize the military-industrial complex and the implementation of State programs from weapons.

A modern military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation — is the 1,300 companies and organizations in 64 regions of Russia. In the "defense industry" now employs about 2-million people. Actually completed the organizational reform defense.

At present, the main scientific and industrial potential is concentrated in the embedded structures, producing more than 60 percent of all production of the defense-industrial complex. The reform was dictated by the need to stop the destruction of mental sectors of our industry, preserving the scientific and production potential by consolidating resources and centralization of management.

Under the control of a particular country, including through the head of the organization and structure of the built-in, is now around 70 per cent of organizations around the Russian defense industry. The need for a future increase state control, in our opinion, no. Furthermore, to optimize the system of corporate governance reduces the number of municipal government civilian employees in the boards of directors of joint stock companies.

What's all the same structure for disclosure of personal accessories companies, contractors (performer defense contracts), noting the need for the adoption of the respective binding legislation. We have already worked out a proposal aimed at ensuring the transparency of financial and economic activities of organizations CMO. On my instructions, first of March in the Government provided information on certain credit institutions, interacting with DIC. Here we put things in order of metal. As a result, required to create the business interests of transparent procedures.

The average monthly salary in the "defense" in 2011 is about 25 thousand rubles. Including the industrial enterprises — 21 Thousand, and scientific organizations — more than 32 thousand rubles. Thanks to the measures taken to reduce the tendency of the number of workers in the defense industry has slowed down somewhat. With all of this in the scientific field since 2010, there are some stabilization and increase in the number of employed workers.

There is a stable positive dynamics of the total industrial output and productivity growth. Economic growth rates far exceed the general-purpose defense. For example, in 2009-2011 the volume of military production has increased almost one and a half times, and productivity — by 1.6 times. In recent years, the fraction of military products in total production of DIC increased and amounted to about 2-thirds. From it issued almost a third of exports by the band of military-technical cooperation.

In terms of export sales of military equipment we surely among the top world leaders. According to preliminary estimates, the volume of exports of arms and military equipment from Russia in 2011, passed for 12 billion dollars, which again exceeded the level of previous years. In other words, between 2000 and for the nine years it has grown by about 220 percent. At the current time Russian weapons and military equipment purchased by about 70 countries around the world. All this shows that the enterprises of the Russian defense industry capable to compete with foreign manufacturers guns on the global markets.

Assessing the competitiveness of Russian and Western military products purpose, it is necessary to emphasize the subsequent. If you associate the same type Russian weapons and military equipment with advanced zabugornom counterparts, by a kind of systems and complexes, or we go on a par, or even have an advantage. In this regard, it must be stressed first weapons and equipment related to the strategic nuclear forces, air and space defense, a certain range of missile and artillery troops, air force materiel swatches.

But there are Russian weapons systems and military equipment, which are lagging behind in their advanced features of zabugornyh development. And some are very necessary for the country's defense system is absent.

Figuratively speaking, if the conditional systematic means to economic and business class, the weapons and equipment level of the economy class (for conducting large-scale wars) at our level best global patterns. But the IWT for special operations, various surgical strikes we need to create more.

To increase the competitiveness of Russian products, launch a large-scale technological modernization of defense measures will be taken of the federal motivated the development of programs from the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation until 2020, which is already approved Feb. 22 by the government.

In the period 2011-2014, investments in the municipal capital expenditures under this program there motivated increased almost three-and-a-half times as compared to 2010 mu. The majority of them (75 percent) will be focused on the acquisition of new equipment for the substitution of obsolete and worn. In practice, we begin an all-out modernization of machinery equipment Russian military-industrial complex. Most likely it will be necessary to revise the economic activities of all defense companies, their material base (from the standpoint of the fund armament).

In the coming 10 years, "defense" is to make technological breakthrough. Need to radically modernize the production process and experimental testing facilities. With all of this to be frank — in our country great capital, and including a vertically integrated structures, hitherto characterized by a certain inertia in introducing Innovative projects.

Personal business is able to more rapidly and flexibly respond to the needs of the market promising. Specifically, the new private companies can become pioneers in technological breakthroughs capable of constructive change that or any other activity in the defense industry. We already have great examples in the field of small industries based verbovaniya due to personal capital.

I can not avoid the question of why the frequent troubles in the space industry. All the more so in that regard, there are calls to punish the corrupt and revealing slobs.

At first, the "Bulava". Product development was very difficult. In this step, we have gone through two economic crisis. Specifically, at the time the act occurred Apogee series of destructive causes of economic, industrial and technological nature. Yet as a result of measures taken by the government managed to stabilize the situation. Marine nuclear system in the strategic missile submarine of project 955 destination and ship missile complex strategic focus "Bulava" will enter into service the Navy this year.

As for gallakticheskih vehicles, then Roscosmos has developed a set of administrative, technical and organizational measures to remedy the situation. We had a presentable conference in Voronezh-based KB Khimavtomatika where the head of Roscosmos proposed program from the industry for a period of 30 years.

Prepyadstviya associated with the rocket and space technology, have no pronounced corruption compo
nent. They are caused by the lack of Russian and electronic component base with matching features, and significant reduction of the institution of military missions in the workplace. In general question about the system temper problems in the industry and in training.

Measures to increase the responsibility of managing organizations for the fulfillment of their tasks and achieve measurable results we have already taken. Certainly, the manifestations of negligence, disregard of existing legal and regulatory framework must not go unpunished. We want to continue to pay particular attention to the level of executive discipline.

I recall the words of Vladimir Putin's article "Be strong" that the embezzlement of public funds and corruption in the military-industrial complex must be considered as a state treason. But punitive measures alone will not provide for themselves increase the reliability of Russian art.

And the acceptance of the military. Given the significant reduction in military missions in defense companies, the Ministry of Defence is given subsequent instruction. On the role of the federal executive authority to prepare and submit to the government a draft version of the latest position of the Ministry of Defence on military missions with the excessive demands placed on the quality of military products.

Itself for itself a system of military missions is not a panacea. It is necessary, but all the same missing condition for larger properties of products. Along with military representatives at all, without exception, companies involved in the manufacture of products for military purpose, and there must be a parallel system is a typical act of management of the property.

A burning question now of Russian electronic database. Radio electronic component — half the price of a modern gallakticheskogo unit and above 70 percent criterion to ensure its viability. Moreover, the tasks for the development of electronics technology practically defines the conditions of our country's independence in gallakticheskoy activities.

Today a number of Western countries launched cyber warfare in the information space. In the United States, even created a special kiberkomanda under General. Our dependence on foreign electronic component base can lead to unpredictable results when applied in the Russian weapons and military equipment, more precisely — a completely predictable.

In this area, we are going to make a special act. Namely, formed a special programm "Creating electronic component base for systems, systems and armaments special military equipment." Its implementation will allow considerably reduced by 50-60 percent after 2015, the share of imported devices in our equipment. We will revive the radio-electronic industry. Namely, in Zelenograd factory "Micron" launched brand new production line, which makes chips measuring 90 nanometers. This is a severe step forward.

Separately, I wish to say about the staff and science. The development of human resources and capacity building of organizations mental defense, ensuring the social protection of workers identified as 1st priority of our activity. Since the beginning of this year, we have conducted a series of substantive meetings with students, with a faculty of leading Russian universities.

We have currently developed a scheme in which the students are still in the early stages of training at the technical universities seem to belong to a certain track of cooperation between universities and the head-built structure — the state company, under which businesses operate, which could go to these graduates.

This will allow to solve the main problem of increasing the property and the level of technical equipment of the training base of universities that train these professionals, and make a new level of motivation for the students. Already in the beginning they have to focus on what the company or bureau, where will work.

An important task — to restore the highest level of motivation to work in the defense industry. Among them are many who survived the stagnation of "defense", but retained the devotion to the profession, and those who are just at the moment has come for the company. For us it is fundamental not only to maintain this motivation, and be able to do so, that in the criteria for the practical absence of middle-aged workers in enterprises CMO was created bridge transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities of the older generation to the young people.

Love for the country is to be selfless, but not unrequited. In the federal motivated programmke "Development of defense" includes funds for the training of scientific, engineering, and skilled workers, to consolidate them in enterprises, the decision of social issues and the construction of the home.

Not so long ago, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, while in Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, said that wages in enterprises in the defense industry and military science should be comparable with the foreign exchange allowances for military personnel. And on Russian companies is especially important with a generation of serious scientific and technical foundation for the future, wages should be comparable with pay in similar organizations in the advanced countries of the West and the East. Order for employees to be excluded tempted out of bounds.

The large-scale rearmament of the army and navy impossible without software of core search and research in the defense and security interests of the Russian Federation. This work focuses on the proactive preparation of scientific and technological reserve in order to reach a world-class applied research and development to create new weapons and breakthrough technology industry.

To solve this, we create puzzles fund for ordering and tracking of high-risk breakthrough research and development in the interests of national defense and security. Recently, the project is the creation of this fund will be presented to the President, and then submitted to the chambers of the Federal Assembly.

There is no point to go and catch up with anyone on the Thoren track. Need to move away from the square-cluster method of thinking, do not look to the future, and in the day after tomorrow. For all this to take control of the planning and coordination of research activities and the use of their results. We want to dramatically increase the role of self-contained expert scientific society in the competitive selection of research projects, which are financed from the budget.

I recall only for the current year municipal defense order of 704 billion rubles. In view of credit under the municipal guarantees Russian Federation that amount even more — 870 billion rubles. This is far beyond the cost of the technical equipment of the Armed Forces in the past.

Analysis of the state defense order for a number of default positions in the past year has permitted to identify a number of circumstances of this phenomenon. In 1-x, the poor quality of planning and defense procurement as a result — the need for various refinements in the course of its implementation. In-2-x, late study of the level of predictable prices. B-3, weak coordination of the head with cooperation of performers and poor interaction with public customers, main contractors.

At the present moment we have virtually no municipal policy in the pricing of products for military purpose. At the moment, the Military Industrial Commission and the Ministry of Defense is working to identify the correct, fair prices for the products of the military-industrial complex.

Requests for additional measures and the issue of increasing the properties of products, weapons and military equipment. According to the Ministry of Defence, the number of complaints in the past year has increased by 30 percent compared with 2010. Necessary instructions in this regard have already been given and the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Defense, and the
Russian Space Agency.

As a positive example of the well-functioning wish to lead the state corporation "Rosatom". From year to year job on the state defense order her responsibility are made of 100 percent. The result achieved in almost all due to timing on the timing and funding of technical re-equipment of enterprises of the nuclear weapons complex and the activities of the state program of armaments.

We will continue to improve controls the passage of contracts under the state defense order. At present work is not yet a routine as we would like, but more in manual control. On the situation reported to me once a week. Stated definite positive trend compared with last year's situation. If in 2011, as of March 1, the Ministry of Defense listed companies defense a little more than 100 billion rubles, as of today listed more than 230 billion Greatly expanded the practice of concluding long-term contracts. This is the result of measures taken by the government to address the shortcomings outlined.

In the future, you need at any moment to realize true where, what and who is, at what stage is the work, and to promptly remove the problem in the course of their appearance. We plan in the near same month deploy to fade away "defense contracts", which will provide information online about the situation on the contracting and implementation of the state defense order.

Let me remind you, in the coming 10 years, the government will invest in the modernization of the Armed Forces of the 23 trillion rubles. 20 trillion — it is the very state program of armaments, three trillion — is FTP defense. This is a huge sum, and one of the main issues — ensuring the efficiency of spending of allocated funds.

Fans warm their hands on the state budget and the "defense" must hack to death for himself on the point that the cases of corruption in this area will be penalized at the upper limit. We will consider the graft and corruption direct accomplices of possible opponents.

Separate focus on defense procurement abroad. In the very near future Edged had discussions in the field of armored vehicles. For example, currently produces Uralvagonzavod T-90 tanks in the interests of a foreign customer. Assembly flow in the enterprise does not stop. In the interests of the Armed Forces of the Uralvagonzavod increased volume of repair and profound modernization of T-72. In addition, the Ministry of Defence to order measures are being taken to develop the heavy track unified platform "Armata" and the war machine at its base. We pin our hopes through this machine to achieve advantages on the battlefield. I stress that any zabugornye, even one-time purchases require a qualified assessment. Including from the standpoint of the actual price cycle, in other words, taking into account the service, maintenance, right up to the evaluation of our weather criterion.

And in conclusion. The state of the regulatory framework and the functioning of defense on this day falls short of the principal objectives of the state program of armaments. In order to solve pressing problems legislature on February 22 the government approved the draft federal law "On the municipal defense order." New provisions in the draft posodeystvuyut solve a number of problems in this area. In this regard, the creation of the very positive fact in the structure of the State Duma Committee on legal support and development organizations CMO.

All this gives us hope that together we will solve important tasks in strengthening the defense capability of Russia.

After the report of Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission, Dmitry Rogozin said on numerous questions of the deputies of the State Duma

About ammunition industry
This is one of the most difficult problems. Even if in a very languid years, we have never cut development costs, for example, the strategic nuclear forces, the ammunition branch, the development of small tools and special chemicals in almost all were deprived of the attention of the country. Accumulated a lot of difficult problems. At the current time, the Department of Defense warehouses full of munitions. Many expired, carried their disposal. Yet, we have begun work on new types of ammunition for artillery, and for small guns. We plan to conduct a deep modernization of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and are conducting talks on the subject with the Ministry of Defence. Recently, at the Military-Industrial Commission will be created by a special laboratory, where with the help of professionals TOCHMASH CRI will conduct testing of new systems of small guns. It will be used the most promising pendant equipment — designators, brand-new optics, etc. We see it all in one complex. Evaluate the gun on the battlefield will be experts at leading Russian law enforcement agencies.

I think by the end of the year we will have a new gun, not inferior to any of the designs available in the world of such weapons, and sniper rifles and police. Also are working on at the moment sniper grenade launcher and appropriate ammunition.

As for special chemicals (powder plants), they have virtually all government. It must be recognized, companies are now in a difficult position. Adopted a special program that will be reviewed in March. In accordance with this document, we define a point of growth and with the help of the federal motivated applets "The development of the military-industrial complex" will provide the procurement and purchase of equipment — both Russian and imported. We have to have exactly glowing powder that is required for modern ammunition, and not one that immediately we now offer enterprise.

We also plan to introduce more stringent rules on the shelf life available to the Armed Forces of ammunition. Obsolete with released shelf life, which can not be used in new weapons systems should be recycled. This will be expanded industrial capacity utilization of ammunition. I think by the end of the year we try to do in this area, if not break, the harsh step forward.

The fire on the nuclear submarine "Yekaterinburg"
Investigative actions have not been completed. Investigative Committee of Russian Federation appointed Engineering and Technology forensics, military, statutory forensics, fire and technical expertise, three explosive technical expertise. Military-Industrial Commission, together with the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Defence conducts its proper evaluation of the technical and documentary framework on the basis of which the repair work on the submarine. The results of all examinations will report to the political management of the country. They shall not be lurking and to the public.

On purchases of fabrics for uniforms odezhki abroad
Ministry of Economic Development with the role of other agencies prepared a draft decree "On establishing additional requirements for participants in the placement of orders for placement of orders for clothing and equipment for the needs of the federal bodies of executive power." To him there are certain remarks made by the Ministry of Defence. There are safe to reduce the properties of products and price gouging. On my instructions, and after receiving the request of the deputy decided — March 7, there is a meeting of the conciliation committee. I hope the issue will be resolved. I am confident in favor of the Russian producers.

About the need to abolish the tax on R & D in the defense industry
R & D tax if they are financed from the budget, no. Perhaps, it is about the activities carried out by enterprises for their own funds. This theme was rising on February 20 at a retreat in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance to study the issue of removing the VAT on funds that enterprises will be directed to research and development activities. The relevant
instruction is given. I think its proper regulatory framework we prepare.

On corruption in the procurement of arms and military equipment samples zabugornyh
Often, the state defense order, we are working on closed tenders. This makes it a breeding ground for the ability of corruption in the defense industry. But would like to inform you — the Military-Industrial Commission opened a public reception and Internet reception. We will gather all the facts, including those that do not fall earlier in our field of vision. And to carry out checks on them.

What accounts for the purchase of arms and military equipment abroad? The Ministry of Defence (and I support this position) follows closely, so that when our military use of weapons and military equipment is of paramount man — a soldier and an officer. They are not solely responsible for die on the battlefield because of flaws in the design of weapons and military equipment. We can not afford for themselves, so that during a special operation in the process of local conflicts our military was poorly protected. In this regard, the Ministry of Defence significant claims to the quality of Russian military products to be considered fair.

How to fill these gaps? In online mode, we are currently working on expanding the properties of Russian art. For example, in the Kurgan in the production of armored combat vehicles, namely, BMD-4M has reached a sufficiently high level of protection. Such production has on other specimens of weapons and military equipment. For example, at KamAZ and Miass factory specialized vehicles. New car "Typhoon-TP" Book by sixth grade.

The main emphasis in increasing the rate of production of modern competitive equipment — ensuring the survival of personnel in combat operations. Guess lately we are one hundred percent give up any purchases abroad.

The need to recreate ministries (languid, mid-engineering, etc.) that existed in the Soviet Union, and responsible for the destiny of their city defense order
We are on the path of increasing the capacity of built structures. Any one of them will take control over, so to speak, over-the-horizon vision. In other words, the vision of what we will need in 20, 30, 40 years in terms of the production of arms and military equipment. This work continues. We are aware that, for example, the aerospace defense — a combination of shock, information systems and electronic warfare gallakticheskogo, land, sea, air-based. Accordingly, the focus should be on the development and consolidation of industrial integration between many different companies in various forms of ownership. We go down this path. And it will be made. The problem lies elsewhere. For many years, "defense" is not funded by the general. Surviving company or directly aimed at the export tool (and by exports have kept their power and human resources), or aimed at the strategic nuclear forces.

But now in the "defense industry" to invest more. And when analyzing the ability of the Company or any other sometimes, the question is whether it will cope with this task? Therefore keen neuvvyazkami modernization, change management, commissioning management and monitoring by the Military-Industrial Commission. We are aware of the situation in the defense industry and will work in the system. I am fully convinced that the puzzles that are set State applets weapons will be met in full.

On measures of financial health of companies and the defense industry to prevent their bankruptcy in connection with entry into the WTO and the possible second wave of large-scale privatization
In the context of Russia's WTO accession is unlikely there will be any significant difficulties for the main companies of our military-industrial complex. Procurement in the WTO aircraft carriers and strategic nuclear missiles to be considered, will not. The problem in the other — how to avoid bankruptcy. Especially if it's a question of strategic enterprises or organizations.

On the old days we had another meeting of the committee on the bankruptcy of strategic defense industry companies. The measures relate to the allocation of grants and debt restructuring procedure. Namely, for the period from 2008 to 2011 decided to provide strategic companies for more than 60 grants to prevent bankruptcy for a total of over 16 billion rubles. More than 30 percent of the companies defense, which was isolated by subsidies from 2008 to 2011, succeeded one hundred percent return the solvency and liquidity. At the meeting of the committee nedavneshnem the bankruptcy decision — the government should pay more attention to companies in this case their establishment due to the integrity of the process chain.

Obviously, in any case, we do not give to bankrupt and destroy what else enterprise aimed at creating a strategic component of fundamental importance for the state program of armaments.

On the development of talent pool management team "defense" and the ability to reach intelligent workers of Russian heartland
We would be grateful for information about smart, expertly prepared and patriotic people who are able to raise a complex undertaking. Announce the development of a personnel reserve the Military-Industrial Commission. Let's start with hundreds of people, thousands of later we get to the type of reserve, which forms the municipal administration for the Russian Federation President. Requirements for similar workers will not touch their party affiliation, first we motivate their profiles and business properties.

On the development of analog DARPA — a system of identification of breakthrough technologies for the development of promising arms
The initiative belongs to the President of the Russian Federation. First documents they have signed. I think most recently will report on the completion of work on this bill.

The problem of creation of advanced fundamental technological advance that allows you to look beyond the horizon and do not sleep the current trends of development of arms and military equipment — it is very necessary and difficult. Surely, you can not achieve this by the Ministry of Defence. It has to deal with urgent neuvvyazkami. Therefore it was decided to create a federal program from a motivated base of search and research in the field of defense and security in the long term. A similar example program has been developed, is in the highest degree of readiness and will be made to the government. Will fund — a body that will allow raskassirovat allocated funds to conduct these searches and research.

Why the decision to organize this work through a special fund? According to another does not allow the existing regulatory framework, namely the Federal Law 94-FZ. How can you hold contests on fundamental research and search using the procedures of the law of 94th? It was decided through a respective law set up a fund. Fund Act now to the highest degree of readiness. In due course, he studied with the Legal Department of the Presidential Administration. At the initiative of the President in his recent ENTERED for consideration in the Municipal Duma.

An increase in spending on the development of military-industrial cooperation within the CSTO framework for 2012-2014
We keep track of everything that happens within the framework of military-technical policy in all countries — an ally of Russian Federation. Recently, the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government will meet with our Belarusian colleagues. We will "compare notes" in regard to the implementation of our State programs from weapons and interaction with businesses that are in the areas of the Republic of Belarus. For example, on the problems of the creation of the modern microelectronic components we have with the Belarusians have excellent prospects.

In March-April, will my meeting with the secretaries of the Security Councils of the CSTO. We worked well together on the devel
opment of such radically fundamental decisions for us, as the introduction of a tactical level in the armies of the countries — members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. For us it is fundamental, on the one hand, to keep out Western technology, and on the other — to enter your own. We are considering the use of production capacity of companies Belarus and Kyrgyzstan for the production, repair and restoration, as utilization of weapons and military equipment. Unfortunately, until we have a joint budget that we could implement these goals.

Concern about the state of the military-industrial complex — it's now a question that consolidates society and the Municipal Duma. At this point, no one calls into swing importantly — the need to have a modern defense of our country. Now we need armed forces able to fight back though what the aggressor or group of aggressors who have encroached on our security.

Glad that the current time is a question not so much of arms and military equipment, but about motivation defense. These people have remained faithful to their profession and dedication, the Russian defense industry. And after all of them not just forgotten in 90 years … I think in those days were committed intentional acts for a special break production chains.

Since than the current time constraints associated pricing? There is a monopolist producing one, but the principle bolt. In this bolt it lays almost all its costs, pushing up the final cost of such makarom military products. The parent company of DIC, which is the executor of defense contracts, nearly all suffering specifically because of the destruction of horizontal and vertical process chain to function properly in the past. They need to be restored. And without qualified personnel defense is unreal.

We must learn to look beyond the horizon. I wish again to cite an article by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Not so much as creator — Prime Minister, and I am his deputy. Re-read this closely genuine doctrinal document. This concept, which is registered for 30-40 years. In this article, I, for example, suppose every paragraph, every paragraph to select and give orders to implement the protocol. Put on the control of all that is written there. Add something in particular inning.

Specifically, the article says that the main class, which should be with us now in the "defense industry" — a class of master designers. Said is true. But now the general designers in many plants act as hired labor. The director of the production association hires a chief designer. This is plainly incorrect.

Formed as a Russian general designers time? Who was Sergei Pavlovich Queens? It was not just the general designer. He led the project as a whole, it is fully implemented. He specifically peered over the horizon, beheld the prospect of completely and build a scientific, research, research, design, technological, industrial chain based on one plan. Here's what you need at the moment to deal with. And the council of chief designers will work intensively with the Military-Industrial Commission, specifically in the form in which we have planned it.

A few words about the human capacity of companies and personnel reserve. Shop replacement in the defense industry is now very short. It is estimated that the average age in the "defense" is 46 years old. This is the average temperature in the clinic. We do not have 46-year-olds in the workplace. There are twenty years, young people who believe in something. They came to the defense industry and ready to work. Have our stately old men who in the most difficult years of holding on to their enterprises and design bureaus. We have yet to form a middle age, to make plausible the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation.

In conclusion, to emphasize again — without national support to solve the problem of the country's defense is unreal. This issue should be a consolidating for the whole of our society.

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