Quebec separatists against the economic crisis

September 4th in Quebec — the second largest population (nearly 8 million people.) And the first province in Canada by area — held parliamentary elections. If in recent years, the province governed by local Liberals, three times in a row wins the election, this time most of the vote won by the separatists — representatives of the "Parti Québécois» («Parti Quebecois»), which advocates for the separation of the province from Canada.

In the past, this party has twice suit referendum on separation: in 1980 and 1995. In the first plebiscite against the secession of Quebec voted 59.6% of the voters, while the second — 50.6%, for Makar, the number of supporters of independence grown. But the situation is consider Analysts impacted the global economic crisis in 2008. Today, many Quebeckers believe that living alone in troubled times will be hard.

Separatist victory does not mean that the population Quebec intensively and in full force in favor of secession from the Province of Canada. According to a not so long ago survey of public opinion, only 28% of Quebecers support the idea of the independence of the province. In addition, the party won the election, received Only 61 of the 125 seats in the local parliament, which is not enough to trigger a referendum: it is required to secure the consent of other members. Head of department of political problems of Canada's Institute for U.S. and Canadian Studies Lena Komkova reads"In general, the trend is such that a minority government, we are no more than half the seats, are short-lived. It may be that in a short time Quebec New elections will be held. In a minority government does not have enough votes to automatically carry out their own making, because, obviously, they have to enlist the support of other parties. " Now liberal party continues to maintain a strong position in parliament: if the "Parti Québécois" received 43% of the vote in an election, the Liberals got 40%. Another 15% of the electorate voted for the "Coalition for the Future of Quebec." With whom would identify "Quebec party"- If the other parties are included in the parliament in favor of preserving the province in the Canada? And why do people have given voice for the separatists?

Completely may be that many inmates province just disappointed in the "Liberal Party", and therefore preferred to "Quebec". In 1-x, the ruling Liberals constantly increased tuition fees at universities, which caused mass protests in Quebec (hundreds of thousands of students and those who support them, take to the streets, clashes with the police. More about this previously commented on "Military Review". In particular the "shaking" of Quebec, and of all of Canada, in May, 2012 In the latest protests in Quebec involved 200,000 people). In-2, the liberal party implicated in corruption scandals. B-3, the unfortunate economic crisis that has affected Quebecers just for liberals: the duty of the province is is 186000000000. American dollars.

As is customary in the elections, the party has played a separatist sentiments on protesters, including disaffected students and their older allies, representing a significant portion of the electorate. If the Liberals were going to adhere to the policy of growth rates at universities, then Pauline Maroua, a favorite of the separatists by nickname Concrete Lady, announced the planned abolition of the initiatives the Liberals. But, according to the laws of demagoguery, it (like the Yankees Mitt Romney, ratuyuschemu for increasing the military budget of the United States, but does not explain how he will take over the funds in the constantly growing national debt of the country) did not indicate the source of funds financing the budget deficit Quebec.

Played a 63-year-old Concrete Lady and the Francophone sentiment. She spoke not only to secede from Canada and the adoption of the Constitution, and for the fact that the bureaucrats passed examination on the knowledge of the French language, and the businessmen have used it specifically, not the British, when making business deals.

Jean Charest, Prime Minister Quebec, has already said that stepping down as head of the Liberal party. He said"I will leave the post of head of the Liberal Party of Quebec after a number of days, when the new government is formed. For me and my family it is time to take another step to turn the page. " Leaves Charest and Prime Minister of Quebec.

In his ministerial seat sit Pauline Maroua. It is possible that at the Concrete Lady will make a parliamentary association with the "Coalition for the Future of Quebec." Incidentally, the favorite of the party's election Francois Lego recently promised introduce a moratorium on the ten-year issue of independence, the "Stop fighting around the referendum." He also said that he would not form a coalition with either the separatists, nor with the Liberals. But added: He would support Pauline Maroua in this case it will focus on the fight against corruption and reform of the health system. A Concrete Lady just from the face of his own party promises to address social objectives: to return the lowest price education students, to raise taxes on big business, to freeze electricity rates, etc.

Lena Komkova considers Maroua experienced politician who has a chance of success, "Pauline Maroua — an experienced politician, it is many times held various ministerial posts in the government of Quebec and knows the situation. At the moment, for her valuable number one — it's the economy. Fundamentally do better position in Quebec, where a large domestic debt, rather the highest unemployment, besides Quebec's students went on strike throughout the spring, because they have raised tuition fees at universities. "

Because of course, that the Maroua will not hurry with a referendum on independence, and the will of pressing economic issues. In addition, the crisis in the idea department less popular. By the way, Pauline Maroua will be the first lady, who takes over as Prime Minister of Quebec. As put Philip Autier of «The Gazette», Maroua is where the "still untouched by women."

At first she going meet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss the transfer of control over Quebec's immigration policies and certain questions of labor legislation. However, the Emperor himself Harper has repeatedly declared his unwillingness to cooperate with the Quebec separatists. Perhaps now he will still have to work with them — on the other it can provoke a conflict, followed immediately burst referendum on the separation of Quebec. Speaking after his election to the party congress, Maroua told his supporters that already held telephone conversations with Harper — more precisely, "cordial conversation."

Speech Concrete Lady at the congress devoted to the victory in the elections was marred by gunfire. A mad man with a click of "The British have awakened!" Whil
e about the structure, where the congress, opened fire with a rifle. Montreal «The Gazette» gives information about the death of the 1st 48-year-old lighting fixtures. Killer — Richard Henry Bain, he is described as "mentally balanced person." Denis Blanchette, who died of mad shots, Quebeckers intended vigil. Curiously, just before the shots Pauline Maroua said"The future of Quebec — to become a sovereign country."

Maroua plans to form a new government within 2-weeks. She can not wait to promote their political projects to life. She promised voters to act swiftly and special decree to cancel Bill 78, which tightened the requirements for public demonstrations, and to cancel the decision to raise the prices of education in universities. In order to fight corruption Maroua will eliminate loopholes in existing legislation Quebecois, which companies use to obtain municipal contracts. It also confirmed its intention to "promote" the French language in Quebec. "I will go so far as I can," — said Lady Concrete.

Jean Marais, leaving the Quebec policy ("choking with tears and emotion," writes journalist Montreal), wished his own successor fortune and said: "I declare about their own retirement with no regrets."

Graduating this little note about the changes in Quebec, it must be stated after the fact: if there defeated the separatists, it does not mean that province recently separated from Canada, the reason for the victory — Financial faster, if the political. Inhabitants of Quebec want to end corruption, they want a cheap higher education (by the way, the price is already below the price of education in other provinces in Canada), and seek to ensure, that did not grow up in Quebec, and decreased regional debt. People want to live a better life — and consider the second question, who exactly would lead them to the best of life. If the crisis and unrest has not mastered Monsieur Charest, inclined to tighten laws and an increase in tariffs, maybe make a better life in Quebec will be able to Concrete Lady. In any case, the students soon will be able to celebrate a victory — double: in the struggle for their rights infringed, and the election. Léo Bureau-Blouin, one of the great favorites of the student movement, became the youngest MP in the history of the National Assembly of Quebec: he's only 20. Ran it, obviously from "Parti Québécois."

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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