Rats are attacking New York

Aggressive rat bites a woman right on the subway platform, again drew attention to the deplorable sanitary conditions of the urban underground. The attack happened on Monday around 9:30 am at the station Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall in Lower Manhattan. A woman waiting for a train J, said the rat, when she was already near her feet. The next second rodent sank his teeth into her shoes from famous designer.

The reason for the attack is not clear. It is unlikely that a rat made shoes for food, and the apparent danger to the woman she had no idea. Perhaps this individual was sick with rabies.

Victim immediately taken to New York Downtown Hospital. Information about the name of the victim and her condition is currently unavailable.

Rats are a growing problem in the city subway. Videos and pictures of rodents scurried back and forth, made by passengers with cell phones, long walks on the Internet. Recently, they have already noticed, not only on the platforms or rails, but also in cars. Apparently, rats are becoming bolder.
According to statistics, the victims of rat bites each year in two hundred New Yorkers. However, the vast majority of these reports come from homes, not the subway. Usually rats and mice bite amateur hunters when they try to remove them from their own mousetraps.

Perhaps the reason for the growth of the size and aggressiveness of rodents is to reduce staff MTA, which is designed to control it. In 2011, 46 were dismissed cleaners ways (savings of $ 3.9 million), 11 escalators cleaners (1 million savings) and 116 car cleaners (8.6 million).
MTA representatives acknowledge that the cuts could lead to a deterioration of the situation, but also noted that there is a fault and passengers. According to them, the problem would be greatly simplified if the citizens took the trouble to throw garbage in containers specially designed so that the rats can not get into them, rather than throw it on the platform, rails, and sometimes the seat as it is done all the time.

Mark Witkowski

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