Red rains occurred in western Ukraine


Colored rains occurred in the Carpathian region. The reason for this was the sandstorm, which was brought by a cyclone from Africa

It is reported by the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies. According to the agency, cars and residents Uzhgorod Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region on May 30 in the morning covered with patches of reddish color.

Among the population there were rumors that the neighboring Slovakia something exploded or emissions occurred at the aluminum plant, or the accident occurred in warehouses with dangerous munitions.

"In connection with the Department of Civil Service of Ukraine of Emergencies reports that the rain that fell the night of 29 and the morning of May 30, probably was caused by a sand storm. Such unusual colored sediments brought in Transcarpathia cyclone from North Africa "- RIA Novosti Post Office.

The State Service for Emergency Situations said that no man-made disaster in Slovakia and Hungary are not fixed, so no reason to worry. According to the Center for Hydrometeorology of the Transcarpathian, experts measured the background radiation and examined the level of air pollution. None of the indicators does not go beyond the norm. No threat to the public.

Thus workers gossanepidsluzhby the Transcarpathian region in laboratory studies have found that precipitation was alkaline, free of radioactive elements. Other elements were detected.

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