Relatives say nothing about the prisoners

Family, relatives and friends of regional activists who were arrested and convicted for their part in a protest on Independence Square on December 19, to date no information about the health of prisoners. Even those who are afar dayazhzhae to Minsk prison Akrestsin Street complain that the police do not respond to the questions and do not accept the transfer. On specific examples of tell reporters, "Freedom."


"We have no one even warned that the child was arrested"

For participating in a protest on Independence Square on December 19 two dozen residents of Mogilev received from ten to fifteen days. Together with well-known activists in the region in captivity and the people who just came to protest because it was required by their beliefs.

Residents of Bobruisk Anna and Jaroslav Grudinskiya— Of these people. About Hanna and Jaroslav tells journalist Ales Skopintsava:

"Anna — romantic young lady, gentle and calm. She is one of the few people in Bobruisk, with which it was possible to speak in their own language. And her brother — the more active. Jaroslav something quite unexpectedly expressed his desire to collect signatures for Michalevic. And for Kastusiou he just brought the signatures and put before the fact. We are very surprised. "

Anna Grudinskaya to freedom due out tomorrow. She was given ten days. If you see the freedom of Yaroslav, human rights activists trying to find out.

Tomorrow at liberty to go out and resident of Mogilev Yegor Novikov. He is the son of well-known local politician Yuri Novikov. His mother, Natalia, believes that the fault is not proven son, and his unlawful imprisonment:

"We have no one even warned that the child is arrested. Later her husband began to learn, and they told him that we happened to this here mountain. He's a self-contained man. For him, this is a blow. I do not think it is for an administrative offense can be fired from work or school itself, but can find a reason. Can begin the repression. "

He was called by name, he turned around. He was captured and taken away by people in civilian clothes.

In Asipovichy waiting Artem Dubski Mama Elena. She believes that her son was detained illegally. For what offense he was arrested, the mother does not know. It happened on December 21, when he returned from Minsk to Asipovičy. How did the arrest, she recounts the words of those who saw:

"He was called by name, he turned around. He was captured and taken away by people in civilian clothes. It's like in the thirties. Then we started calling all the jail and find where he is. On Akrestin. Oh, and for that — we know when it will come. January 5 should release him. "

Grodno region

With parents regional activists in prison in Akrestsin police did not say

Relatives of the detained activists from Grodno drove Akrestin with gears, but they did not take any supplies, only mineral water.

Tamara Istomin today came with a matinee older granddaughter excited, because children ask — when he returns from a trip their dad. Tamara and her husband traveled to Minsk for Akrestsin drove the program to his son, Yury Istomin, Head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party.

"Nothing was taken from the products, only mineral water and juice. I wanted to find out for sure — if you let him go, then nobody says anything. "

Another Gorodenco Nina Krapivina, Also over the weekend went to Minsk to Akrestin where her daughter Hope. But, with her words, there's nothing you can do: any questions not answered, do not allow to meet.

Mrs. Nina says that in Minsk volunteers to convey the transfer of detainees, prisoners do not leave unattended friends, acquaintances and relatives.

She is convinced that her daughter Hope to endure his sentence.

"She has a lot of friends there, and every day someone sends something. And also home to me very close friends, gave her everything you need. Even the book was passed, which was written by her cousin. I think it will be very helpful to her" .

Irina Bedka from Slonim also waiting for her husband. He says that he can only come around the third of January. Bored at home all. Celebrate the new year without a host family.

They, too, were in Akrestsin. Native go there every day, but no news. Irina says that the people they know and people they are not forgotten.

"They call us and ask their acquaintances. Well, what do you say — you know how it is … It is a pity that hurt innocent civilians … "

In this prison a lot of random people.

Grodnenets Andrew Pochobut— Polish journalist «Gazety Wyborczej». He was detained at the Independence Square in Minsk on December 19 in the evening, but the court released. Andrew managed to tell about his arrest, so the editing made an effort, that he was free. Today journalist follows the fate of the arrested protesters against unfair elections and talks about the people encountered during the arrest itself.

In the "paddy wagon" was a lot of random people. It surprised even more than the detention of protesters, said Andrei Pochobut:

"He was arrested by Officer Philharmonic, which on the 20th was scheduled performance. He was walking with a girl in his arms were the notes. Fly up policemen, snatch, the notes are flying in different directions. 21-year-old girl agreed to meet with a friend, nothing knew, grab, pull, give the baton. People who accidentally hit, saying he would be better if I went to the square, because the result is the same — I, too, behind bars. "

He saw the severely affected people, a girl who could not walk. Among the most negative experiences — stay in the dungeon at the House of Justice, awaiting trial.

"There's a small camera, designed for two people. In our seven people had two sat, the rest were forced to stand. One was a citizen of Ukraine, he came to see him was interesting, because he knows how such events take place in Ukraine. There was also a citizen of Russia, he is one of those who now demands the release of Russian diplomacy. "

Will long be remembered, and a sleepless night in a paddy wagon, says Andrew Pochobut:

"We spent the night in a paddy wagon, we are not out of space. Six paddy wagons stood in the yard at night Akrestin. In small cells inside there were many people at the same time — very cold. This night was quite heavy when compared to other cameras I've visited over time, as the country is ruled by Alexander Lukashenko. Not everyone could sit down, the two were forced to stand. "


Prisoners being bullied by new prosecutions and punishments

Many of those detained in the Square will be released soon. But they are waiting for further repression.

Close friend Anna Doynyak, Baranovichy resident, was detained in Minsk on the Square on December 19, said that on December 29 Anna gets out of prison. She was sentenced to 10 days in jail. The girl was among journalists, which was trying to escape from arrest. But even that did not help. The young man says she fears that further prosecution is possible:

"She is very afraid about my studies, fears that can ruin their future."

In this case, the reasons for detention, prosecution and punishment of not only Anna, but also hundreds of other people in the area — it's the fear of the au
thorities, said a member of Anna Doynyak:

"Detained and thrown into prison in order to avoid the second, the third day of the Square. The authorities try to scare people so that they do not even think to discuss events in the country. Among other things, detainees and prisoners will trade in the negotiations with the West and the East. Thus the authorities are looking for self gain. "

Victor, a close friend Kaci Syaldevskay, residents of Brest, which is serving a 10-day arrest for Akrestsin says the authorities and after the Plaza will intimidate people. The arrests and searches do not stop:

"Society has moved away from some of these elections. And now, under a certain default, hide information about the actual events, starts again the persecution of people. The authorities seek to intimidate society. "


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