Released, but silenced

The release of former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski received a great response. Why him and not the other? Was the "pakayalnaya note" that could lead to the exit to freedom? Answers to many questions promised to give today's press conference, but Vitali Rymashevski reported that the day before he was summoned to the KGB and threatened sanctions if the meeting with journalists held.

On the conditions of his release Vitaly Rymashevski had to tell reporters Jan. 4. However, the meeting had to be postponed:

Vitaly Rymashevski

"I found the phone and called to the KGB, said just let me hold a press conference. Ie — not what would happen if I spend it, and will not allow to configure it as a preventive measure may be changed on the same day. Because virtually nothing in my status has not changed, I am still in a state of the accused and of the press conference they regard as a violation of subscription and try to influence the course of the investigation. Therefore, the selection here is small, and, accordingly, I can not give any comments on either December 19 or on my release … I do not know how much I can do in these circumstances, but has steps will be aimed at ensuring that contribute to the liberation of others. "

Andrey Dmitriev

From similar reasons had to change plans a press conference today and Andrey Dmitriev, head of the electoral headquarters of Vladimir Neklyaeva. The politician, who was released the day before, until the end and did not understand why it was released it. Dmitriev also linked to different subscriptions on non-disclosure of the case and released on his own recognizance.

The many criticisms that have appeared in various forums in connection with the release of some politicians at the time, the four ex-candidates and other defendants remain in captivity, Vitaly Rymashevski responded as follows:

"I want to say to my attacker — do not rejoice. And my colleagues — do not worry. Essence of my position remains unchanged. How was it until the 19th, as it was the 19th, so it was left now. Not a single letter or appeal, in any of his evidence or comments it has not changed. should not think that some things in my warped or some things I'm afraid. besides just need to have more courage and intelligence. "


The fate of most of the prisoners held in the KGB detention center, indefinitely. Lawyers for the first time after the new year are gathering this week to visit their clients. Meeting Oleg Ageev with the ex-presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich is scheduled for January 5:

"Generally a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, of course, if I caused. Least as long as I plan for tomorrow. But it's hard to think, how will in fact."


There is still a difficult situation around Statkevich. It is the 15th day of his hunger strike in the KGB detention center, demanding cancellation of the election results because of massive fraud. Statkevich stop the hunger strike is not going to, so his health is a concern.

Lawyer Tatyana Stankevich a politician admitted only once, when exposed accusation.


Medical help is required and Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, which at the end of last year there was a hypertensive crisis. High blood pressure is kept up to now, but skilled care in a detention center is almost impossible to obtain.

Nervous situation affects the health of family members who are waiting for relatives from prison. It was learned that hospitalized Vladimir Khalip, father was detained and accused of organizing riots journalist Rockets. He will have to move quite a complicated operation on the eyes.


Andrei Sannikov

Lawyer says journalist Vladimir Toustsik:

"I'll try to get there tomorrow, as it will. Yet know nothing, because no investigation was not, I did not cause."

Just for today postponed a planned meeting between a lawyer Paul Sapelka with Andrei Sannikov.

To meet with his client, he will try on Wednesday.

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