Remove apartment in feng shui


According to the ancient Chinese practice of cleaning the apartment should be done regularly every day and get rid of the clutter and piles of things that are a barrier to the passage of life-giving energy.

Try to get rid of all the useless, old and unused items. They do not give into the house beneficial chi energy. It is not necessary to store the apartment cracked cups, vases, slippers, which have long no one wears, and torn clothing. If things are no longer used, but it is a pity to throw them, give to friends or carry them to the church. This applies to books that you no longer read and reread not going.

If during the cleaning you notice other people's things and took forgot to return, be sure to take them to the owner. The fact that other people's things and bring in someone else's house, in most cases, negative, energy.

While cleaning Special attention is paid desktop. There always has to be order. It was clean on the desktop promotes a rush of energy and even greater efficiency.

Do not abandon the bedroom. According to adherents of Feng Shui, the bed in the first place say about the state of relations with the opposite sex. If you recently broke up with her husband, replace the mattress. If you can not do it for financial reasons, while spring-cleaning dry it in the sun and shake out all the dust out of it. This will lead to the emergence of a new house of sexual energy. Next to the bed, put a guy figures, and develop the pictures on the walls of happy couples.

Be sure to wipe the place under the bed. If it is cluttered with old and useless things, get rid of them.

Spring cleaning can be done once a week. It is best to clean the house pointing at the waning moon. Pay attention to every corner of the apartment, all the existing shelves and cabinets. In this case, try to sweep debris into the kitchen, not the front door. Otherwise, you can sweep away the garbage and all the money in the house.

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