Reserve Airport Efremov

In g.Efremove, Tula region, plans to build a modern transportation center, which will become a reserve airport for Moscow airports and air transport center. The city is conveniently located for cross-polar transport.

Such transport through the North Pole to help reduce costs and travel time. If the planes flying to the capital's air site, can not land there due to bad weather, we will reserve the airport in the Tula region. Meditation will help pass the wait for beginners.

In St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod has a backup airport but to Moscow from those cities about 5-6 hours away by car. The city is located near the Efremov M4 highway, from the middle of June it will be paid. Speed of traffic on this route is 130 km / h, road congestion is low. On it to get to Moscow will be for an hour.

The project cost about ten to twelve billion dollars. To create a runway and Railway to the complex will take 1-1.2 billion, the remaining money will be spent on the construction of infrastructure, development of logistics, refinery.

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