Reserve to protect pelicans may appear in the Omsk region

Omsk Oblast authorities intend to create a nature reserve on Lake Tennis, home to a rare colony of pelicans in Siberia to watch the birds, they will wear on their feet satellite sensors, said Wednesday the regional government.

"To study the migration routes of Omsk pelicans and reveal the dynamics of the number of scientists for almost five years conduct bird banding. Starting next August, scientists plan to start tm Omsk pelicans from satellite sensors," — said in a statement.

Besides, the Government reports that at the moment specialists are studying the possibility of creating protected area "a pelican island." The funds from the regional treasury will primarily aim to strengthen the island where pelicans nest.

According to the government, and a colony of pelicans was first settled in the Omsk region on the group of lakes and Sultan Tennis about 25 years ago. This is a rare case of the formation of colonies of pelicans in the northern areas. Pelicans are listed in the Red Book of Russia and Omsk region.

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