Resident of Australia attacked the mysterious essence!


Since July 2009 on the internet rushing cry: "Help!" Paul Stanley, a resident of the city of Perth (Australia), who sent in their own home made video, begs tell him how to get rid of the pesky entities (ghosts, aliens, flying the living areas, the Anti-Christ ?), who pestered him for many years.

Here is what he says about it, Paul.

"They took me in 1996. It started back when I rented accommodation together with two friends, one of whom loved to tinker with electronics. I was only 23. And then all of a sudden I started to hear voices — as if someone is talking, when I know that I'm the one in the room. I tried not to pay attention to it, but the voices were just harassing me. And then I thought, what a shortstop set in the room any electronic bugs to me to play. Searched and ransacked all around trying to find them. But — did not find anything. Now, whenever friends left the house, I was alone and imagine that now they are parked somewhere on the road and manipulate their bugs. Then I became completely paranoid — I dreamed as if they are talking about me and laughing. It angered me, and I decided to find another place to live. But first gave them everything they think about them — about Zhuchko in my room and all that.
Those guys, as I've heard, it's fine, but I have … It seems that they inadvertently made me a psychic, even more than I was before. Now I could not be around people. I felt terrible, I always already knew that they were going to say or do. Again moved to a new location, then another and another, until nine years ago, has not found it's home. I do not blame his buddies. No, now I'm thinking more and more about Whose voice I hear who is around me — the aliens or disembodied spirits, ghosts.
And two years ago I saw in the shop infrared camera for 40 bucks. And he bought it. Brought it home, stuck the cord into the outlet and — wow! So that tormented me all these years!
I was pretty angry. What has not been doing to get rid of it all. But I still do not know who it is — spirits or aliens because they are modified all the time and so many of them! From time to time they mention two names — "Ray" and "Peter". But I think "Ray" is a truncated word "Gray" ("Gray"), and "Peter" or "repeater" — is the word "reptile". Apparently, those two all other beings and obey. But to give you hear what I hear and what they tell me, I need a detector of sound waves, which I do not. I have made pictures of these creatures, and certainly I will send them as soon as razdobudu the right cable. Watch this site, and you will learn a lot of things nowhere never seen or heard of. "


… It seems that Paul was accustomed to talk with all sorts of creatures that inhabit his apartment. Their only detects infrared camera, but now they, too, Paul sees, hears, feels — without any hardware (apparently,
his psychic abilities are increasing). Sometimes he drives them away, waving a towel or a long rod. At times, gently coaxes — asks him to leave him alone. And sometimes starts to cry aloud to the Lord God Jesus Christ — chases away the Antichrist. In short, for the person who sees the invisible and hear the inaudible, the world around is not just populated — it is densely overpopulated!
Sometimes it looks like a raging poltergeist, sometimes — by playful swarm of balls. But — just at first glance. Paul sees in these spheroids living beings, and with his help we can also see how the scope of a sudden starts to change, stretches and gets a clear silhouette, profile, face! Here's nose, lips and chin. Then the entity becomes something elongated, amorphous, as if rearranged and — again forms a face! So what is it? Plasma clot or a biological entity? If we analyze the image — increase, enhance contrast, turn into a negative and so forth, then gradually come to the conclusion that it's still a living thing, animate.
One of view these records came to me that Paul and I have contacted the "face on Mars." Remember this formula? Scientists later said that it's just such an unusual rock shapes. But some people still do not doubt that on Mars and the Sphinx and pyramid-like earth, so that the relationship is not excluded.
But Diana Ayvard says that if Paul is powerful but uncontrolled psychic abilities, his subconscious may well attract the paranormalschinu all possible. In other words, Paul is not home, and he serves as a decoy for the invisible entities. Something happened in his life 13 or 14 years ago, that's when it all started. A negative thoughts and emotions such as jealousy, anger, stress, weaken the human spirit, opening a portal to a realm about which we know almost nothing. And the situation is unlikely to change — as long as the person does not happen radical emotional and spiritual changes …
One of the participants in internet forums, some Doulin, metaphorically compares the scope swarming with the souls of children — playful, spirited and cheerful doshkolyatami. Maybe it's — human souls who have left the old life children? Maybe the apartment is near the former kindergarten? Or disappeared near a large family? I do not whether the children should keep an eye on the mysterious Ray and Peter? ..
Paul, however, suspects and aliens. He often hears how they were talking behind his back, and once woke up in the night and saw that his bed are two "gray". It may seem strange, but he immediately fell asleep again — if it "turned off." Such a creature he caught a glimpse of in their own home for at least 40-50 times, but it immediately disappeared. A son of one day and "Greenbacks" seen "Dad, — says, peering through the crack under the covers — and green is for you." Paul asserts that "did not even know that they exist," and then went through a lot of photos, until the son did not recognize among them is this, what have seen in that time.
Paul leads and one of more than a strange scene: "One day I was sitting at the computer, looking at what was new in the network. At home, I had one son at that time went to his mother. And then suddenly I come across an image of an owl, which in my eyes turns to the stranger. I did not pay much attention to it and then forgot about it. The next day after school I'm calling my boyfriend, and he suddenly asks, "Dad, you should have seen what I saw last night?" "What — I say — did you see?" And he said: " the stranger, who turned into an owl on a tree. " I just did dumbfounded: Well, this can not be! I saw it last night, with no one talked about it, and his son did not say nothing to him not to frighten. And suddenly — that! "
Well, it seems that my son Paul is also growing psychic, psychic. And this, as we can see — a heavy burden …


The people in the internet, of course, does not skimp on tips. Some people believe that it is necessary to apply feng shui mirror placed in a special way — by the front door or inside the apartment, or hang at the windows of the special color curtains, and outside priladit tiny bells that rang even the blast of wind.
Well, Paul bought himself a new infrared camera and began to send more new records. "I told you that we are not alone in the universe" — pathetically he exclaims. And claims that within each person there is a flying sphere and you will see him, if you look in slow motion recording, and all these people watching him. And if you do not believe me — type in the Google search engine nickname Fields — stanley03061973, and get a lot of videos from his apartment. And so what are these creatures scurry out there — decide for yourself …
Mark Sokolov, especially for the "AN"
Abnormal news 51.2009

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