Residents of the Faroe Islands last named storm of the most destructive

Storm in the Faroe IslandsA strong storm swept through the night over the Faroe Islands. According to reports today entered the wind force of up to 180 km per hour caused severe damage to buildings.

The population was relatively well-prepared for the storm, take precautions, and loss of human life there are no messages.
However, coming from Mexico hurricane was stronger than expected. Wind blew roofs off houses for the elderly, which had to be evacuated, as well as a number of administrative buildings. The berths were torn from their anchors ships and boats.

According to local authorities, it is — the most destructive storm in memory of the inhabitants of the island.

Faroe Islands — a former Danish colony, and since 1948 — an autonomous territory, Danish kingdom. They are on the border of the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean between Scotland and Iceland. Area of the archipelago of 18 islands — 1,400 sq km, population — 50 thousand inhabitants.

again Faroese economy — fishing. 28-29 November in the capital Torshavn, will host the next session of the Russian-Faroese Fisheries Commission, the main goal of the negotiations — the exchange of fishing quotas in the exclusive economic zones.

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