Riddle of Tutankhamun

Great contents of Tutankhamen's tomb excited undying still interest in his life and mysterious death. Tutankhamun rules only nine years old and died of unknown cause at the age of 18 (some sources say 20) years. His strange death, scientists started talking again when Danish researchers who studied the clothes the young ruler of Egypt, came to the conclusion that he clearly suffered some strange disease that caused his hips have large fat deposits.

Currently in Europe illustrates a display of his clothes, with more than 400 exhibits. All of them were found in the burial chamber of the tomb.

Project leader of the exhibition "Tutankhamun Robes", Professor Dutch Leiden University, said that the Pharaoh's clothing — is not only priceless examples of ancient fashion. It also allows you to come to the conclusion that Tutankhamun died despite his youth, when he was seriously ill. Judging by the size of clothes, hips Pharaoh was at least 30 centimeters more breast volume, which can be explained only by the presence at it some yet unknown illness. Perhaps it is this disease and the cause of his death.

Chief curator of Egyptian antiquities, Zahi Hawass calls on experts to make new efforts to explain why the mysterious death of King Tut. He believes that it is time to solve this problem through careful study mummies using the most advanced scientific instruments and the latest advances in technology such studies. Statue of Pharaoh Akhenaten

In an interview with Egyptian journalist Dr. Hawass expressed his opinion that the cause of death of Tutankhamun most likely was the struggle for the throne, but not obese, do the same with the discovery of the tomb and mummy of the young ruler was put forward many hypotheses about the reasons for his early departure. The results of X-ray study mummy gave led some scientists to suggest that the king was killed by a blow to the head. However Nesri Iskander, an Egyptian expert on the study of mummies, claims that the mummy of Tutankhamun is not preserved so well that on the basis of X-rays could come to that conclusion.

"Just holding future genetic analysis of samples taken from the tissues of the mummy — said — Iskander-might help to unravel the mystery of exciting us all."

Curiously, the mysterious death of King Tut was preceded by another, no less mysterious death regal. Tutankhamun married (at age 11) Princess Anhesenpaaton, one of the daughters of the previous Pharaoh, religious and national reformer Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), and his wife, the famous beauties, Nefertiti. When Akhenaten was 25 years old, his body started to happen strange changes: the body was deformed, on the thighs and buttocks appeared thick fat deposits, sexual organs began to dry up. Four years later, at age 29, he died

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