Robots can not beat a man


Robots have already learned a lot. Does this mean that artificial intelligence will soon surpass the natural? It's time to fear rebellion machines? These questions are at the studio of "Morning Russia" replied a permanent member of the European Committee for Artificial Intelligence Gennady Osipov.

Japanese scientists recently presented to the public a robot that not only knows how to play tennis, but is able to improve it. According to Gennady Osipov, this does not mean that people should start to fear rebellion machines. "We are not afraid, for example, cars and just drive on them" — he explains. Artificial Intelligence solves the tasks assigned to it, and that it differs from person. He is able to gather information and experience to solve new problems of the same type.

Many experts are exploring emotional robots. "Ironically, the emotion — something fairly simple in terms of robotics," — said Osipov. In the case of artificial intelligence emotions — it's just a set of amplifiers and brakes "thinking", and they are not so difficult to model.

Fully simulate the workings of the human mind creators of robots today can not: scientists simply do not know exactly how many of the processes taking place — for example, the process of creativity. While it is possible to model only the rational side of life.

Can there be a more perfect human robots? Gennady Osipov sure that they can be better at solving some problems — to carry out the exact steps or find the answer to the math problems, and even write a book (although from the point of view of a professional writer, this product will graphomania), but to acquire real human qualities they do not under force.

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