ROC scared check ancient religious texts in extremism



Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for Church and Society, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin suggested not checking the ancient religious texts in extremism, focus on verification of works written not so long ago, and to develop clear criteria for their evaluation.

During the hearing of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation minister of religion noted that the recognition of some extremist religious texts is now a public debate about whether only the courts decisions on this matter and the courts need to expertise.

"Obviously, many religious texts, if they were made today, it would be possible and necessary to declare extremist, at the same time it is obvious that they are related to different historical periods. Do not enter a certain time frame to consider these texts in terms of contemporary political and social practice? One of these frames can be considered the proposal in terms of extremism only those texts that are made not earlier than 50 or 30 years ago, "- said Chaplin.

In his view, the religious works written before the establishment of the world's modern legal practice, which occurred after World War II, should be a different approach.

He also believes that "the ancient text itself is not within the jurisdiction," but "it updated Jurisdiction." He also proposed to develop clear criteria for the peer review of such products to avoid "vkusovschina."

"Whether we need a very strict and clear criteria, or need some expert support and judicial investigation, because it is impossible to deny religious organizations the right to reproduce in full in certain circumstances, their texts, especially the old," — says Chaplin.

The priest said that even in the Bible, there are passages that, taken out of context, may be regarded, in certain circumstances as a call to violence.

"If you take a quote from the Bible, the Old Testament," the witch (ie witches) do not leave alive, "to go out and start it and then shout gather around a crowd that will actualize it, it's bad, it's impossible to do. Criteria, what to do, what not, today we are missing, and there is more freedom for evaluation, subjective, voluntaristic and judgments may be corrupt "- said Vsevolod Chaplin.

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