Rosprirodnadzor will check VSZHD in connection with an accident on the Trans-Siberian

Rosprirodnadzor will check the East-Siberian Railway (East-Siberian Railway, a subsidiary of Russian Railways) on the fact of a major accident on the Trans-Siberian Railway, last week, when more than 20 cars with coal derailed, said the administration Rosprirodnadzor in the Irkutsk region.

Agency said that the update will be held from 17 to 29 January "due to the possibility of a threat of harm to the environment caused by the vanishing of cars."

"Scan tasks — prevention, detection and suppression of violations of JSC" Russian Railways "(branch VSZHD) requirements established by law for the protection of the environment", — the report says.

The validation process experts will collect and analyze the regulatory, technical, licensing and statistical information about the company, the survey of land and water area of Lake Baikal area in vanishing cars.

Last Saturday, on the stretch Slyudyanka — Utulik (Irkutsk region) on the bank Baykalasoshli derailed over 20 cars of a freight train with coal, and then collided with a single passing locomotive. As a result of lost locomotive crew of two people, shot down four feet overhead system was broken gauge nearby road. Within days VSZHD restored interrupted at Transsib trains. Tuesday VSZHD guide reported that experts are going to clear the coast of Baikal from spilled coal and residue cars.

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