RSC Energia, work began on the project of free-flying spacecraft OKA-T

RSC "Energia", work began on the project of free-flying spacecraft OKA-T, served on the ISS

Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" after SP The Queen began work on the project of the spacecraft OKA-T, served on the International Space Station (ISS). Work carried out at the stage of preliminary design for development work "OKA-T-MKS" and conducted in accordance with the contract of the Federal Space Agency. Completion date for the preliminary design — November 2013.

Spacecraft (SC) OKA-T is designed for research in low-Earth orbit, taking advantage of free flight of spacecraft. These advantages are, that compared with orbital stations provided lower microgravity and the possibility of creating an open space areas with high vacuum.

Research experiments OKA-T is planned in its autonomous flight cycles between periods of finding a spacecraft docked with the station.

On the stage of the flight crew in the station provides services OKA-T, including maintenance of experimental equipment, as well as maintenance and repair work, with its on-board systems, training of the spacecraft and its experimental equipment for the next round of free flight.

To achieve autonomous flight conditions required are provided special technical measures for the construction of on-board systems OKA-T (traffic control, power supply) and reduce vibrations from airborne units, as well as on the establishment of a high vacuum using a special protective screen and the airlock, providing input experimental equipment with the samples in this zone and the subsequent withdrawal from it.

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