Russia can threaten war with migrants

The arrested man refuses to answer questions, and apparently, he is shocked by what has happened. Janitor who worked near a Moscow school suspected of causing harm moderate — a visitor from Uzbekistan broke the jaw of a 12-year old child, leaving it with a shovel.

Child was hospitalized with a broken jaw and a concussion, and in relation to the janitor criminal case. According to police, due to the crimes committed by migrant workers, well over a thousand — it's only in Moscow and the Moscow region. And the complexity of the investigation of criminal cases is that suspects often can not be found, because they are not officially enter Russia. Experts say that many millions of angry people who work for poverty wages and living in inhuman conditions can really threaten Russia.

Army of migrant workers, which can raise a rebellion? By some estimates it is possible. Experts say that employers pay about 12 thousand rubles a month for the hard work, knowing full well that there is no place to complain about illegal immigrant, and even such meager salaries by Moscow standards is often perceived as a gift.

According to representatives of the society of labor migrants, immigrants commit crimes because of ignorance of the Russian laws and insecurity in the country, where they arrived in the hope to earn. Even a broken jaw in a child — this is not a consequence of vampirism newcomers, but rather a nervous breakdown because of accumulated negativity.

Many assert that guest workers have no place in the capital. But just recently, at the snow, just 26 janitors who cleaned the street and park 16 in Moscow, went on strike due to unpaid wages for six months. Both residents immediately felt their absence, especially when the snow began to get up to the knee. Though still of any mass strikes of migrant workers, and even more rebellion, not a speech. However, the number of crimes involving participants from neighboring countries each year increases.

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