Russia has launched an educational portal

Russia has launched an educational portal — constantly updated collection of video tutorials on the main subjects of the school curriculum

 Photo — a revolutionary project in the field of school education. In the free access, no ads on the portal are video tutorials on basic school subjects from 5th to 11th grade.

In the near future, the volume of material and the sequence of lessons will fully meet the requirements of the high school program will be created and the lessons for younger students. Currently, the portal placed about a third of the lessons that make up the curriculum, including all the lessons of the first quarter of the school year from 5 to 11 classes.

The project InternetUrok — it is an opportunity for each student "call home" the best teachers Russia. Video lessons are taught by experienced teachers from Moscow and St. Petersburg, among the pupils of which — the winners and the winners of the competitions. Also taking part in the project, textbook authors, senior university lecturers and teachers whose lessons recommended by the students, parents and fellow teachers.


Like a textbook or self-study course, you can use the video lessons at a convenient time, in a comfortable environment, focusing on the subject studied. If necessary, the student may at any time stop the video tutorial or go back to the beginning and re-listen to the explanation. Video Tutorial allows each student to learn at a pace that suits his individual needs exactly.
However, the video tutorial retains the important advantage of their classes — contact with the teacher, "live" explanation of the new material when the thesis or formula at the same time written on the blackboard and spoken aloud, making them the best memories. The format allows you to video tutorials to explain the topic to use a more vivid and graphic illustrations than paper books — for example, animated video clips, interactive inserts.

Now turning to the portal about 10,000 visitors a day. During the existence of the project site was abandoned in 1080 rave reviews from students, their parents and teachers. Regular users of the portal are, first of all, the students who need to make up a missed lesson during his illness, to understand the misunderstood topic, review the material before the test or exam. Children with disabilities who are unable for health reasons to study in the classroom, using the portal can virtually "attend" school and keep up with the program.

Schools using the resources of the portal solve the problem of the temporary absence of the teachers, because they, too, sometimes get sick. Video lessons teachers used and when it's impossible to conduct a particular experiment or demonstration, for example, due to lack of equipment.

The portal teachers have the opportunity to see the open class experienced colleague. In addition, the video site to help educators do without the routine of work, when one and the same subject have to explain a few times a day disciples of parallel classes. The theoretical part of the lesson can be replaced by watching video lectures, in which, among other explanations are interesting illustrations, animated models, audio and video clips on the topic studied. All this allows you to make the lesson more interesting and keep the teacher force for the practical part of the lesson.

Portal demand among parents. They often need to "refresh" school knowledge to answer the child's questions, help them to learn new material, to solve homework or check the correctness of its implementation.
In the nearest plans of the project — up to 2012 to complete the creation of video tutorials on the basic school program from 1 to 11 classes and to adapt all the materials of the portal for viewing on tablets, netbooks and other modern electronic devices.
2-3 year plan to complete the creation of interactive lessons with branching storyline, the system notes and links to additional materials — high school video lectures, non-fiction and documentary films. Interactive lessons will help children to choose their own lesson plans based on the level of knowledge, interests, mentality.

The project team InternetUrok realizes the idea of providing quality distance education, able to take into account the characteristics of each student. Launched two years ago, the portal is rapidly growing, updated with new videos, growing demands on the quality of lessons.


Full compliance with the curriculum, the quality and quantity of video, participation in the project the best teachers in the two capitals — all this shows serious intent creators to help each student in Russia to get a quality high school education. Now the student, regardless of place of residence, health status and level of prosperity in the family can learn from the best Russian teachers — it is only necessary to get online.

Welcome to the project.

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