Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, on the flow of selling their children for organs for transplantation

Children for organs.  Photo:

Children for organs. Photo:

Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, on the stream sell their children for export …
Police in Brazil have arrested an Israeli citizen and former officer, Sayan Geldaya Tauber Gadi in the international trade in human organs. World center for trafficking in human organs is in Israel. Donor pay 10 thousand dollars, and the patient makes for a kidney unfasten 120 thousand dollars. Only last month in Brazil arrested 10 Brazilians and two Israelis and found 22 ready-to-fence donor. Gelday Gadi said during questioning that the task to make contact with a particular person in Brazil, he was given an important government official in Israel. Thus, the illegal international trade in human organs, it is part of the normal activities of the state of Israel. Gadi said Israel illegally works in other countries it is legal in the public health sector. That is, in Russia, representatives of the Israeli criminal networks trafficking in human organs to be found in the official Institute of Transplantation Russia and other reputable institutions, and not on the basis of some fruits and vegetables.

And it's too bad that in Russia, unlike in Brazil, has not made any arrests in connection with these activities Sayan. I wonder how many Saiyans in Russia? Details on the participation of Israel in the organ trafficking.

The fact that the children are adopted and taken to the United States — in order to make out the bodies — it is an established fact. However, child-killers are caught only amateur to sell a kidney for 120 thousand dollars. Organized child-killers channel works differently and without interference. For example, in Russia now homeless more than during the civil war — millions. During the civil war, they die and millions on the road, now is another matter. Now — this is abnormal returns business. Every child — two kidneys — is 250 thousand dollars, plus the skin, cornea, heart. One child can be cut to a million dollars of parts. Now the homeless will not give so easy to run on the roads. There are people who do not miss this opportunity to profit. Mafia is busy with adoption. Are special cases of single actions of looters. In practice, the children make out right in Russia. It's enough to district hospital. Center database and buyers pass through Israel. Transplant international gang is in full contact with the doctors, who in just a little "otsteg" harvesting organs from living children, and for that they do not need to be beaten over the head with a hammer, its just a little narkotiziruyuschee all. These bad people do not realize that these dollars are put down. They can buy a ticket to hell, to the same end. They think that because the children draw and no one is looking for. A state? — What is the state? Is that right? — If there who are interested, they will get their share of it. When all of the concepts revolve around money, all you are getting. Honor and conscience have no monetary value and therefore are not available, as in America. But God sees everything!

Just yesterday, talking about it, that in Russia there is a mass demolition of homeless children on the bodies. World Bank officials customers located in Israel. Thus, customers have access to only those doctors who are associated with Israel. Here, read a clear evidence that they cut the bodies of patients living in conventional district hospitals. Why are they ideally prefer children? — Because they have healthy bodies. Why are homeless? — Because they draw — bezhoznye — one million dollars running through the streets for spare parts — Seize them. Remember that? — A black car drove through the city, and then disappeared children. Now a lot of black cars rides on Russian cities, and then the children are lost, but no one is looking, they draw. Moreover, it is possible that Cutter's children work in full cooperation and the mutual benefit to the children's homes and institutions.

It is reported that in Khabarovsk criminal case on the illegal organ transplants. This case is international. Illegal organ transplant center is in Israel, where the global file donors and those in need. It is through Israel arrange the operation, which is paid — 120,000 donors for the kidney — the official market price. So consider in Khabarovsk — 15 donors by 120 thousand dollars. Now, with modern means of communication, all easily arranged. But the emphasis here is not that. Transplant donor is pure heinous murder. Authorities may only be taken from a living person. That's the problem, then that doctors explain that they say yes we wait until sekrdtse stops, it's a lie. No one expects nothing, because you can not wait — the bodies to be taken from living people otherwise their bodies will be unusable. Organs taken from living people and the fence is often done without anesthesia, to prevent damage to the kidneys. In this case, incision and cutlass and down the body, so, as if the person has moved the train. Fence bodies — it is purely zhivoderskoe killing human beings, for the sake of money, even if it is supposedly free. Tales of the fact that people live a long time after these bodies are tales as those diseases which incapacitate their organs continue to function and the transplanted organs. In addition, people who are transplanted kidney, give such drugs, from which all the rest of the body dries up, so that it does not otttorgalo kidneys. Fences organs should be prohibited in all the world as shulerskaya purely gangster operation. You understand that if it is pure banditry in the West, in Russia it is in an even worse state. Net knacker's yard.

Russian Interior Ministry reports that of Russia exported 45,000 children. Every child reported they, worth up to 50 thousand dollars. At least in the United States is well known that if you want to adopt, it will be the price of a new luxury car. Q: Who in Russia gets the money? 45 thousand children X 50 thousand dollars — more than $ 2 billion. Amount comparable to the annual budget of Russia (about 50 billion) Now you understand why in a normal state should be the death penalty — because people — swine and in many cases the possibility to use their personal gain regardless of the harm to others, that both you and observed over the past decades. But the Interior Ministry did not agree. A certain percentage of children is just the parts, that is, H is cut into an organ transplant. In this case, the income from each child flies to the amount of 100 thousand dollars. Only kidney transplantation is not less than 120 thousand dollars. A heart? A liver, skin, and cornea? The headquarters of the global organ transplant is in Israel. Try to catch them there — they are adequately protected first and second-best armies in the world — the U.S. and Israel. Today, the world is firmly vostsarilos kingdom of evil — now the time has come when the evil does not even bother to disguise.

"In Turkey, an Israeli doctor arrested Zahi Shapiro (Shapiro), who worked in a private clinic in Istanbul, which specializes in organ transplants. He was arrested along with 13 other members of the same health care facility on suspicion of violating the rules of medical transplantation, says "newspaper. ru ". Among them — "the dismemberment of the people who were not dead at the time of their removal from the body of vital organs. Police launched an investigation after one of the donors, who sold his kidney for transplantation, applied to law

authorities. Plaintiff alleges that he received for the sold body promised him money. " By the way the article title is: "Turkish doctors detained for

Removal of organs from living people "- an Israeli doctor and became Turkish doctors. Normal delivery, we have nothing to do with — it's disgusting Turks Shapiro — so we do not like the Turks, and who can say what's wrong about the Jews?

"According to research by the International Organization of Health, Brazil, India and Moldova deliver the most in the world of organs for transplantation. This was reported today the Mexican edition of Todo Teotihuac. com. According to the same organization, the increased demand kidneys and livers and corneas. Prices range from $ 1,000 for a kidney donor to poor countries and 200 000 dollars that pay-off patients who do not want to wait in line for transplantation or medical requirements are not appropriate for such a complex operation. New kidney have to wait an average of 3 years — this opens up opportunities for a black market transplant. According to the publication, donors usually are citizens of poor countries, and "get" the new authorities of people in the developed nations "- Oran Internal Market and guidance of customers, which are mainly sick rich Jews, the sellers of that poor gentiles, is in Israel.

"Dr. Roshal is for the solution of children's donation in Russia. Children donation (transplant of organs from children to children), now banned in Russia, need, said a member of the Public Chamber, Director of Moscow Research Institute of Children's Emergency Medicine and Traumatology Leonid Roshal. On Friday, the newspaper "Kommersant" reported on an appropriate legislative initiative of the Health Ministry. According to the publication, the Ministry almost completed work on the document regulating the transplantation of the liver, heart, intestine and lung from (Goiskoye) child to the (Jewish) child. "There is a worldwide practice. If there is evidence, if there is a recipient, then why not to? Subject to any rules I basically over, "- said Roshal RIA Novosti.

In his view, human rights concerns are not justified. "What would they say if they had a child, that would require a transplant, but it would not be made because there is a ban?" — Said Roshal. "

Cunning black doctor Roshal — is the one that all the Dubrovka terorristov with the victims gassed fentanyl, which in Russia is not (probably brought from Israel on the occasion), and so clear that no one is left alive and question nobody. The whole issue here, Watson, is it possible to transplant organs from a Jewish child to child goy? That is how it looks on the Shulchan Aruch. You specify the issue black doctor, and not otherwise. Because in reality, they want to legalize not focusing — is transplantation of organs from children with non-Jews to Jews and non-Jews to establish cultivation (Goiskoye pig) specifically for the sacrifice, ritual fouling and distribution of slaughtered children of the goyim. Everything will be legal and controlled by Jewish doctors. Everything goes to the legalization of blood sacrifice and ritual fouling goyim. They do not bend and nothing further squeezed the line. Face of the Serpent and the Dragon on the architectural monuments come to life before our eyes. Remember the ancient Chinese tale about the fact that close to the city «N» dragon lived, who demanded and devoured children. — It was not a fairy tale. Who have realized yet within — all hidden in the synagogue! For the sake of the children! Dragon is already out of the bottle.

"Nine Israelis arrested on suspicion of trafficking in human organs. According to police, criminals invite donors to sell his kidney for 30,000 dollars. Advertisements published in Russian newspapers and the press in Arabic. Operation of organ held in Ukraine. Police managed to get on the trail of offenders after handling one Israeli woman, who said she did not receive the promised money for his kidney. A guardian of order posed as a potential donor and exposed the scam. Investigators believe that the victims of scams are dozens. Israel has banned trade in human organs, but the local law allows the sale of organs, if donors are leaving to have surgery abroad, said RIA "Novosti".

— Abroad and pay. But "metchiruyut" reduce buyers and sellers through a special exchange — through Israel. "According to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld Israel, all those arrested are citizens of Israel, most of them immigrants from the former Soviet Union. According to the Israeli Society of Transplantation (Israeli Transplantation Society), about 200 Israelis every year go abroad to transplant donor organ itself. In most cases, this is a kidney transplant. "

Officers of the State Border Service of Ukraine in the Carpathian region detained offenders who attempted to smuggle abroad four boys, if they are the players. Children were taken by minibus Mercedes through the checkpoint "Small Bereznyi." In addition to the driver and minor passengers in the bus were two men and a woman. During the passport control man introduced coaches the football team, and a woman — the mother of one of the boys. They reported that they were going to an international football tournament in Denmark. The interview revealed that men do not have anything to do with coaching and met their "wards" for several hours before entering the checkpoint. In addition, documents for minors were issued improperly. Border guards discovered that the parents of two children are now overseas, so they could not give permission for the export of their children. Therefore, children are not passed through the border. Guards themselves admit that these children could become victims of hunters in human organs.

How are human organs
Cornea — $ 5000
Lung (transplanted together with the heart.) Domestic operations are not conducted.
Heart — $ 250 000. Ukrainians need: 1000-2000 year. For the time of the operation carried out in Kiev 4 and 2 — in Kiev.
Liver (excerpt) — $ 5,000 — $ 55,000. Ukrainians need: 1000-2000 year. Conducted operations: 30-40 per year.
Kidney — $ 2,000 — $ 50,000. Ukrainians need: 1000-1500 year. There are about 100 a year.
Bone marrow — $ 40,000
Iraq forbids foreigners to adopt children! (- For which he got killed??)

Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, on the stream sell their children for export and such a law in these countries do not. And that we have information from the United States that before, now I do not know, it was not less than 50 thousand dollars spending to "adopt", that is, in fact, buy a child in Russia. And the most interesting thing is that this income is entirely by the state and is an "entrepreneurial" income of those companies that export of children, and these companies are divided only with corrupt Russian officials.

I will tell you so that you have no illusions: it is good if it so happens that, indeed, the adopted child does not fall to perverts, but in modern terms, these supposedly "adoption" covered Goiskoye slave children and, of course, authorities. Engaged in it, though they have a passport can be a variety of people of Jewish rock — they have well-honed network around the world and data banks, and trading is only Goiskoye children. In the Jewish world the horror categorically impossible. In the Jewish community is the careful selection of the gifted 'Alley, we are looking for talent, "and forced patriotic Jewish upbringing. Understand the game?

Sklifosovsky Institute accused of trafficking donor organs
In particular, it was argued that the institution of supposedly "placed on the flow of supply of American medical centers donor materials recovered from the bodies of patients."


Message from Brazil Brazil (AFP) — Israeli retired officer arestovannny in Brazil on suspicion to the international syndicate involved in trafficking in human organs, said in court that the global trade in human organs ROOF DIRECTLY Israeli government! Retired officer Geldaya Tauber Gady said that the Israeli government, through its Ministry of Health is sponsoring the purchase of the Israelites in other countries, especially in South Africa.

Organ transplantation in Israel is legal, but Israel does not want to import the donor agencies for collection directly to Israel, not to have a problem, what to do with the body after intake Goiskoye bodies. Consequently, the Israeli Jews, which requires authorities gentiles until forced to travel for Goiskoye bodies abroad, because the Israeli government does not know what to do then use the goyim, if bringing them directly to the fence of Israel. Throw them on the street is not an option. Then, on the streets of Israel will accumulate useless Goiskoye monsters with huge scars on their bellies. Burn waste after collection goyim kidney crematoria? While this should be done.

All the more since Goiskoye Arabs not finished. Therefore, the Israeli Jews to conspiracy and must go on operations abroad, such as in Moscow, Kiev and Donetsk. Expense, all over the state of Israel takes that gets money from the rich of America, which in turn robs the world. We have just given an example that the Pentagon lost $ 3 trillion, and nobody did not even look for them. What to look for? So we all know where they are. All the money and then find themselves in Israel. Therefore supermen can not afford to live like human beings. The article concludes with the statement that "the Israeli government is aware of the existence of the exchange of human organs in Israel and the activities associated with it in Israel is legitimate"


«AL-KHALIL (IRNA). Killing young Palestinians killed by the Israeli army supplies for transplant organs. The Israeli government has specifically recognized that Dr. Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir about 10 days ago recovered bodies of three teenagers killed by Israeli Arab punitive. Israel's Minister of Health Nessim Dahhan the request of Arab Knesset member Ahmed Teibi, replied that he could not deny the fact that the bodies of three children were taken for transplants or scientific research. "

Literally split rhetoric sounded like: «I couldn't say for sure that something like that (taking out the organs) didn't happen.» Arab Knesset member Ahmed Teibi, told reporters that he has all the evidence that Israeli doctors Institute of Forensic Medicine excised from teenagers killed by Israeli punitive Bergeu West Jordan and the Gaza Strip of their heart, kidneys and liver. He said that Israel's punitive normally keep the bodies of the Arabs within a few days without any explanation. For example, in the case of fresh, December 30, 2007, Israeli punitive killed under unknown circumstances near Khan Younis Goiskoye three boys aged 14-15 years. The bodies of three boys were issued only on January 6. Health authorities of the Palestinian Authority of the body were examined and it was found that the vital organs of the three boys removed. Israeli and Western "democratic" media completely ignored this case.


Here's a look at the photo Shumakova — Chief zaborschika of the USSR and Russia. "He died the chief transplant Russia V. Shumakov" But, by the way, when he was still young and bold, and he's always been bold, because, and I just knew from the medical community in Moscow when the Soviet Union was a hungry time , years of 1970-80, it has never been translated Shumakova kebabs, because he always delivered to the institution of fresh cigarette butts, because they are needed for the experiments were big heart. That is always booked Shumakov live steers — calves due to the state for a heart transplant experiments. They need a natural live calf. Therefore Transplantation Institute in Moscow has always been a knacker's yard. Heart they — on experience, and a calf Shumakov to barbecues and Shumakov myself this veal in Soviet times distributed among his people than others were very unhappy about this, complaining, telling. That's why Valery Shumakov life was very greasy and only for old age haggard, revealing the face of the werewolf. But who devoured twin veal that in Soviet times, it's Valery Shumakov. This sweet word — FREE STUFF! And the name of a completely Goiskoye — Valery Shumakov.

In the discussion about the transplant properly discussed only technical aspects, while in practice, given that the only ones in the world, only in Israel the government pays for transplants Jews from non-Jews, the question is, in practice, the only way that — transplantation — is the question of transplantation of organs from non-Jews in the election of the people. The question is just so and not otherwise! Recently read an article in the Russian internet that in Moldova there is a village where all the adults have already sold their kidneys to Israel and all stomachs raspolosovany.

On the technical side of the same, as the doctor was present at the fence repeatedly bodies from the Soviet time, to report that all organ harvesting occur in a living person, not the dead, as reported by the public in our looking glass. Sense to take the corpse? On the body, with all the vessels of circulatory arrest immediately thrombosing all — bodies are no longer suitable. The whole point of that authority should be taken for the circulating blood circulation and can not be otherwise. No fool would not sit and wait until the patient dies from head injury, and once a decision is made, the patient was still alive reveal a huge knife and without anesthesia, after retroactively make out the sequence on the contrary, that, he says at first he was dead, and then took the bodies. Through the Looking Glass. That's right, it's technically impossible to wait until the patient with traumatic brain injury die, cut them alive, and that they may experience and how deep they are unconscious — is "vultures" — so they call in the jargon of transplant, do not care.

You check your private bank accounts of Valery Shumakov and private property — he says in the Soviet era was a millionaire. That's right, pick up the bodies under socialism was not worth a penny, but a transplant Shumakova even then was expensive.

As for technology, here to report the news: "U.S. scientists have developed a technology that could be a real breakthrough in transplantation. The new treatment will relieve many patients of the need for lifelong use of drugs that prevent rejection of transplanted organs, reports Associated Press »- And what do you see?

Let me explain: The fact is that all patients with transplanted organs by definition of AIDS patients — they all Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Polnorazvernuty AIDS they iatrogenic, that is certainly caused by chemotherapy, which is to prevent organ rejection, performed in all patients with transplanted organs, until they would die. Thus, patients with organ transplants are living, we can say only very arbitrary — they are now AIDS, immunodeficiency syndromes, and as such, patients with organ transplants are dying of AIDS. Properly, meaning the relocation of the terms is that if an organ transplant patients die of its lack of function of the organ, the organ transplant after he died of AIDS. So what's the meaning of all this great castling with the bodies? For the patient, "meaning" that he now does not die of kidney failure and of AIDS, but Jewish doctors remain "with denhami." This is the whole and meaning. In general, if the donor is not dead, the crippled. But the Jewish doctors to net income.


On the subject:

10:27 / 02.02.2012

People in uniforms abducted child

Ekaterinburg resident accuses police of kidnapping his son. According to the woman, with her nine-month baby is literally pushed into a car.

Investigating authorities will check the statement that appears 40-year city woman. She claims that the police officers involved in the abduction of her nine sons and her own beat.

According to the woman, on January 12 of this year, it broke into the house, two men in uniform with guns and two women. They did not produce any documents. "She and the child forced into a car, then a woman was taken to the police department № 6 Yekaterinburg. There she blows struck, and the child was taken to hospital № 11 ", — the representative of the Investigative Committee of the Sverdlovsk region.
Woman believes that a child taken away from her without making official documents to withdraw his organs for sale. "To organize pre-investigation, in which case these will be tested and will give an objective assessment of the procedural actions of the police", — quotes Post Office "Interfax".

The woman also told me that a few days after birth March 25, 2011, she was told that the boy has a number of diseases. He was placed on hospitalization. In this case, the doctors initially said that the newborn is completely healthy.

In January 2012 the home of the woman, she said, came the local doctor, who, after a survey suggested hospitalized boy. Mother refused.

"Letter to the studio":"I fear for our children!"

Revision IA "Atmospheres" received another letter from a resident Biisk Irina V.

Attention! Post editorial changes are not exposed!

"Good day to all the residents of our vast Altai! I want to share with you one of his phobia, from which I can not get rid of! Maybe readers "Atmospheres" also have similar experiences?

I never thought about the criminal situation, until six years ago, did not become a mother. Next year, my son goes to school in the first grade. Grandparents and babysitters who would bring it to class, we do not. My husband at work, so will have to steel himself and let him alone. Despite the fact that the school is in the next yard, I now feel uneasy.

Remember, as a child we had been threatened Babayka ezhkami and grandmother, who allegedly took away children for naughty behavior to his home. Now all modern parents scare kids strangers uncles and aunts, which under no circumstances should you shake! Gentlemen! What's happening in our society? Why can not I let go of your child's birthday to a friend? (Remember the terrible years of history when visiting the boy's father raped her birthday?).

When I was little, in the six years I have quietly played without their parents in the yard and around the surrounding neighborhood. But now I'm not for the world will not let the kid walk alone! Do you hear? No way!

But what to say — I even use the toilet, for example, somewhere in the cafe can not let him go alone. He still walks with me to the women's restroom. So strongly these terrible stories about pedophiles entrenched in my brain. Once we came to a friend of my husband, he lives with his parents and brother, is 25 years old. My son first played with the boys in the house, then I cringed when she heard the voice of my son. Ran around the house — anywhere they were not. I was thrown into a cold sweat, I imagined terrible pictures. Then, when I got to the garden (they live in the house), I saw that they peacefully gather apples. I felt terribly ashamed of my thoughts. But then I thought that this is, unfortunately, our life!

Every day on TV, radio and Internet broadcast horrific news about more and more cases of sexual abuse of young children. They steal, take away the bodies. God, I am afraid to live! Save and protect the most pure and holy that we have — our children! ".

Source of information:
IA "Atmosphere", (3852) 22-64-62
Contact the editor:437199832

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