Russian government may start a war, or enter a state of emergency

Russian authorities may be preparing to use drastic measures to save the regime. According to Vladimir Putin, a former adviser on economic issues, Andrei Illarionov, there may be killing the opposition leaders, terrorism, armed conflict, and even the state of emergency in the country.At the radio station Illarionov said that citizens with the existing situation in the country in general and fraud in the last elections to the Duma in particular, do not have no illusions as to what the Kremlin intends to meet at least part of the demands made on the rally .

In his view, "the part of the authorities has been no change.
The authorities do not consider it necessary to respond to these demands.
The authorities do not consider it necessary to carry out any changes, except for the production of cosmetic and some smoke screen that could divert attention and somehow weaken the protest movement. " No power has become more brazen in the fraud, and society has become more intolerant to them, he said.

"The government is engaged in provocations and defamation, including those who organize these meetings, but most importantly — the power is preparing for revenge. Power is seriously preparing for the implementation of a sharp turn when the so-called quoted liberalization and democratization, it will unfold in a completely different direction. It will happen very soon, "- said Illarionov.

"We can not predict 100 percent, because we are not in the headquarters, where these decisions are made," — he added. — "Most of all, nothing significant will happen until the end of the year, but already at the beginning of next year — in January, we will see a very different decisions and other actions."

Illarionov believes that the current level of support for Vladimir Putin he is unlikely to win more than 34-36 percent of the vote, which means that even large-scale fraud December 4 level may not allow Putin to win in the first round of the presidential election. "The second round for it is absolutely impossible, because the second round is unpredictable, because the scale of the protest vote may be such that, almost all the opposition forces can rally around that — the second candidate, who will be coming out in the second round," — he said .

According to Illarionov, it means that Putin needed a victory in the first round. "They have to take something that will make all other issues quite small compared to what will happen," — he said.

A former adviser to Vladimir Putin said he could not say what specific actions will be taken. "But it is clear that this long string of these measures, there are various — there are accidents, acts of terrorism, there are international" initiative "to restore a quasi-Soviet Union — in comparison with any conflicts with the Russian army all issues of domestic agenda completely fade, "he said.

"This creates an additional reason for the introduction of emergency measures, emergency, including the restriction of the media. This is so often and so regularly performed around the world, including in our own country, which exclude such a development from the consideration of the analysis, it would be extremely unwise and short-sighted. This is just to keep in mind ", — said Illarionov.

As evidence of serious change Illarionov leads appointment to serious post the following people:

Naryshkin Sergey
He graduated from Leningrad Mechanical Institute, "engineer-radio mechanic", after which the Minsk Higher School of the KGB, later — St. Petersburg International Management Institute in the specialty "economist", fluent in English, French … Employees apparatus economic adviser Soviet Embassy in Belgium. According to some reports, these years in the service in the KGB, he studied in the Red Banner Institute of the KGB and Vladimir Putin.
Ivanov, Sergey
Graduated from the Translation Department of the Philological Faculty of Leningrad State University (1975), and higher rates of the KGB in Minsk (1976), Red Banner Institute of the KGB of the USSR (1981). In 1974 he sent to study English at Ealing Technical College (UK). In 1975, he joined the KGB. In 1976-1977 — member of the 1st (HR) department of the KGB in Leningrad and Leningrad region, where he worked in the same department with the future President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He worked until 1985 in the residency in Finland, and then to Kenya. In 1991-1998 he continued to work in the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia. Service in the exploration finished first deputy director of the European Department of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia.
Rogozin, Dmitry O.
He studied at a specialized school № 59 in-depth study of French (now SEI school № 1286) then, in connection with the relocation of parents, went to number 73 in-depth study of French at the University … learned two foreign languages — English and Spanish. Was a trainee reporter in the main edition to the Central Television and USSR Radio and Television in the main edition of the agency "Novosti" in Latin America. In 1986 he graduated from the International Department of the Faculty of Journalism, the first time in the history of the Faculty of defending just two theses. In 1988 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Marxism-Leninism of the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party, although it was not involved in the Communist Party. After graduating from MSU joined the USSR Committee of Youth Organizations (DMOs USSR). Over time, the position taken in the CMO sector head of international organizations.

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