Russians dream except pennies

The survey showed that a "Russian Dream"

The survey showed that a "Russian Dream" …

Almost half of Russians dreaming about money, but about love. These conclusions were of Sociology, presented a paper on: "What dream Russians", the newspaper "Novye Izvestia".

According to polls 1,750 people aged 16 to 55, representing all major socio-professional groups and all regions and types of settlements, it was found that 40% of Russians main dream is "to be well, to be able to spend money, not counting the pennies ". It is worth noting that the majority of citizens do not want wealth and agree to just walk away from poverty. "Neither wealth with elements such as luxury cars or yachts or career, fame, or beauty in the dreamboat of the overwhelming majority of Russians do not enter", — the report says.

Second place was shared dream of good health and life "in a more just and rational society" — by 33%. 23% dream of having good children, and 21% — "his own apartment, a house." Followed by the dream of self-realization (18%), good family (17%), own business (15%), good education (12%), the ability "to be useful to society, to make" a contribution "to the development of Russia" (11%) , good work (7%). But "finding true love" dream, only 6% of Russians, "to become a respected and well-known person" — 4%. Also became the most unpopular answer "to become very beautiful, attractive," dreams of only 1% of respondents.

The survey also suggested that the Russians themselves to formulate a dream for goldfish. A quarter of respondents (23%) to request anything from the fairytale character refused. "These are people who believe that destiny is in the hands of man", — explained the Academician Mikhail Gorshkov. The majority of those who do answer the question (43%) were asked about the health of yourself and loved ones.

Moreover, almost a third of Russians (29%) are hoping that their dream come true thanks to the miracle or luck. One in five (20%) asked for help from God, and 6% of respondents said that in order to implement their desires turn to psychics, fortune tellers and magicians, cite the publication in his review of "Titles".

Sociologists have also asked the Russians call a fabulous hero, who is the embodiment of the "Russian Dream". For example, among women won Cinderella: her fate would like to repeat 60% of women. "Respondents felt that the hard work and virtue by the will of fortune will be rewarded sooner or later," — suggested Mikhail Gorshkov. Russian men also admitted Yemelya ideal. His fate would currently 28%.

From surveys, sociologists say with confidence that Russia is actively in the process of formation of a consumer society: people are living better, writes "Kommersant". For example, a mobile phone already owned 85% (in 2003 — 25%), PC — 72% (in 2003 — 22%). And improving the material conditions of their own estimates — in 2003 as "good" to characterize the 9% of the citizens, and in 2012 — already 21%. Food called "good" 27% of respondents in 2003 and 46% — in 2012. Clothing 15% and 33%, respectively.

To date on one of the interviewed today accounts for 21.1 square meters total area, which is 3.6 square meters more than in 2003. Half of the respondents live in apartments with two or more bedrooms, and 23% are separate houses, and even houses.

Meanwhile, only 11% have savings sufficient to family could live on them at least a year. Does not increase well-being and to new life opportunities for Russians. Sociologists explain all this uneven growth in living standards. While more wealthy Russians dream, with the exercise of their dreams, disadvantaged position conserved or even worse.

However, for such a social rupture Russian citizens in general are tolerant. The only exception is medical care: poorer Russians consider it unfair that rich people can, in fact, buy health.

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