Scary ghosts


Currently, most of the researchers of the paranormal with certainty say that the terrible ghosts really exist. For example, the first place of faith in ghosts and apparitions is, oddly enough, Denmark.


In this country, storyteller Hans Christian Andersen's truly been prividenemaniya. This incorporeal beings even devoted a special television program about such beings narrate newspapers, old castles and even ordinary modern homes are advertised as the habitat of spirits.

Among other things, even the State Council for Science, as a rule, renounces to deal with all sorts of legends and fictions, this time shifted their principles, providing logistical study of ghosts, which was powered by one anthropologist. As for society, there is growing confusion: either the media simply do not allow people to miss the stories about ghosts, or do we have to be a genuine phenomenon of close contact between the two worlds — the otherworldly and human — in the Danish kingdom.

In Denmark one time was very popular project "House with ghosts", the results of which stunned the experts on the paranormal. Made after the end of the project a survey showed that every tenth inhabitant of Denmark at least once in your life scared scary ghosts or their activity and behavior. Of course, with many of the respondents are not taken rightly assert that it is the scary ghosts, most vaguely suggest a possible parallel world and incomprehensible to the human mind phenomena. I must say that, according to studies, the spirits of deceased, usually opting for his "second life" Catholic countries, but all ghost girl at domapokazalos strange that believe in it and see the Lutheran judicious Denmark.

Often, residents of Denmark faced with indirect activity phenomena of supernatural forces. Thus, museum workers have often heard the clatter of hooves on stone, though all around in the grass, icy blast of air, while all the windows closed, the smell of nicotine in a room where no one smokes, the spontaneous heart-rending cry, the door of which he still a lock is locked, etc. Such evidence is actually very much.

Many argue that the terrible ghosts come to a specific person. However, this is not the case. Not confirmed, and the belief that ghosts are selected as habitat for ancient palaces and castles, which at the time was something terrible. Spirits have seen in a normal urban apartment, cottage-like in aircraft hangars, office buildings, etc.

Striking it seems not only is that ghosts have quite a wide area of habitat, but also that they have the ability to adapt to their needs of modern technology. The majority of respondents reported the shadows that have arisen on the TV screens, the terrifying sound propagating from pylivshihsya shelf CD players and incomprehensible muttering, the source of which was actually off a mobile phone.

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