Science 2.0. Seaplanes watch online

Science 2.0.  Seaplanes watch online
Global aviation does not stand still, every year, to invent new, more modern model. With all this seaplanes so far remain a rarity, though their ability to soar and land on water is amazing. How do they look? Why, despite the versatility, they rarely use? And most importantly, why are they necessary?
Gelendzhik — Russian city on the coast of the Black Sea. Every two years, then arrange Gidroaviasalon. Very comfortable when you want to behold at once many seaplanes in one place. And somehow immediately becomes apparent all their advantages and disadvantages in comparison to land aircraft … Why in the XXI century, these flying up from the water machines have become exotic for current, already accustomed to flying a passenger?

Part 1

Part 2


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