Scientists: Bang alpha of the constellation Orion the Earth is not terrible


Decoration of the constellation Orion — Betelgeuse (the image right "shoulder" of the heavenly mythological hunter) certainly will explode and become a supernova, but when it will happen — tomorrow, in a million years — impossible to say. In any case, while the behavior of star no signs dying boiling was observed. But if the explosion happens, people on Earth not in danger. Itar-Tass said the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN).

"Betelgeuse explosion will happen inevitably, — assured the head of the department of variable stars and stellar spectroscopy INASAN Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Nikolai Chugai. — But we can not say for sure when it will happen. Such an event could happen tomorrow, or in a million years. Our information on the evolution of stars is not so full, so you can take on such predictions. "

So the scientist said reports that in the last days began circulating on the Internet and the media. According to them, in the near future all the inhabitants of the earth will witness a giant celestial cataclysm — the explosion of Betelgeuse. With reference to the astronomers, Mauna Kea, Hawaii (USA) authors of these posts say that over the last 16 years the star has lost a round shape, is rapidly shrinking in the poles, and this is clear evidence that only a matter of weeks or months before it becomes star in a supernova. In this regard, there are concerns that the Earth was bombarded with gamma rays and other cosmic particles. Possible reduction of the ozone layer, severe magnetic storms begin, and all humans will get a dose of ionizing radiation.

However, a Russian researcher pointed out that in academic science publications of new facts to say so, recently appearing, and the person who is monitoring on Mauna Kea, also says nothing of the kind published.

Other business misspoke Chugai that the star really is changing its geometry. "We are well aware of Betelgeuse — said Russian astrophysicist. — First of all, it is huge — a thousand times larger than the sun, and if you move it into our system, the Earth's orbit is inside this star! Second, it is relatively close — only 600 light years. Therefore, we are well aware of her drive, even see the individual elements on its surface. "

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