Scientists have discovered that the ancient mummies found the elixir of slimness

Wonder drug was hidden in a very unexpected place. Researchers from the University of Oklahoma has been suggested — the epidemic of obesity antibiotic. People abused them for decades — to absorb them in large quantities. Antibiotics, of course, hit in the stomach. Already there began to struggle with the local, beneficial, bacteria. Those of them who were able to survive beyond recognition. And now they are taking part in the wrong metabolism. That is, simply to help in weight gain.

Correlate with the cause of obesity, the researchers suggested treatment. In their opinion it is quite logical, you must create the "right" bacteria that live in the human stomach before the advent of antibiotics. And bring them back. Then resume normal metabolism, people will lose weight. Shapely figure will even the most hopeless fat men.

But could survive somewhere bacteria that antibiotics did not touch? Researchers give a positive response. Moreover, they note that the unspoiled organisms have been found.

But the source of the "elixir of harmony" will not please everyone. "Right," the researchers found the bacteria in the ancient latrines, located in a cave in South and North America. In addition, they have been extracted from relevant — remains intact — of South American mummies. Preference was given to the oldest of them dating back about 3000 years.

According to one of the authors of the study Cecilia Lewis, ancient gut bacteria are really different from the present. And the differences are observed at the DNA level.
Cecilia also believes that the bacteria have changed not only by the action of antibiotics, but also because of the effect of chlorinated water.

If the causes of obesity are really prove just as the researchers found in Oklahoma, and the ancient bacteria actually help the process of losing weight, they will be duplicated in any medium. Then they begin to manufacture tablets, and where it was found "raw material" is not so important.

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