Scientists have found out who built the pyramids of Egypt!


For a long time it was thought that the construction of huge structures of multi-ton granite and limestone blocks were engaged servants, which so ruthlessly exploited, that they died in the workplace. Now, however, this opinion is subject to serious doubt.

Next to the pyramids of Cheops and Chephren were found graves of builders, which means that they could not be slaves, as the unwitting workers were not buried near the tombs of the pharaohs. Also on the walls of the pyramids were found drawings of workers who called themselves "friends of Khufu" and it can be considered as further evidence that the construction was carried out free men.

The age of all publicly held graves — about 4,510 years. Archaeologists have made a number of findings that suggest that the farmers of the Delta and Upper Egypt were brought daily to Giza 21 buffalo and 23 sheep to feed the builders. Suppliers of the pyramid builders were exempted from the payment of taxes by the authorities.

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