Scientists in Australia have found an ancient petroglyph


CANBERRA, June 1. Scientists in Australia have discovered an ancient rock drawings (petroglyphs). According to researchers, his age is more than 40 thousand years.

Figure deposited on the cave wall with red ocher, depicts two long-extinct birds, similar to the modern emu.

Birds belong to the genus Genyornis. The authors of the picture captured them in detail, which indicates that the ancient people have seen them live.

The scientists also found several other pictures depicting the marsupial wolf, the giant echidna and kangaroo, reports portal Zhelezyaka.

Recall petroglyphs traditionally called all the images in stone from ancient times (Paleolithic) until the Middle Ages, with the exception of those in which there is fairly well-developed system of signs. Absolutely unambiguous definition does not exist. Referred to as prehistoric petroglyphs rock-hewn cave paintings, and later, for example, at a specially set stones, megaliths, or "wild" rocks.

Such sites are not concentrated in one place anywhere, and widely scattered over the face of the planet. They have been found in Kazakhstan (Tamgali), Karelia, in Spain (the cave of Altamira), France (caves Font-de-Gaume, Montespan, etc.), in Siberia, the Don (Kostenko), Italy, England, Germany, Algeria, which has recently been discovered and created a sensation around the world giant multi-colored painting of a mountain plateau Tassili-Ager in the Sahara, in the sands of the desert.


Basically, it's pictures of animals — deer, bison, wild boar, wild horses, and among them are those who are now on the ground is not found — woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers. Only occasionally come across outlines of human figures and animals, rather, ritual masks. Only later, in the Neolithic period, began to depict scenes from the life of a primitive tribe — hunting, fighting, dancing and some obscure rites. Such compositions are dated about VI-IV millennium BC. e .. And the earliest images, dominated by "portraits" of animals, belong to the Upper Paleolithic, that is, were created forty — twenty thousand years ago.

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