Sebastopol businessmen want to dump waste into the sea. Locals protest

Sevastopol guide of "Smart Holding" for profit does not spare even the ecology of the region where the very lives. Now the authorities and business to discuss several projects laying sewerage in Balaclava. And businessmen insist on the very thoughtless of them — they want to establish a dumping Black River, which flows into the Sevastopol bay.

The journalists said the Deputy Director General of the "Smart Holding" Sergei Ovchinnikov.

"Day of the Black discharge in Sevastopol Bay is 5 million cubic meters. And we're going to throw in the Black day 5,000 cubic meters of water that is cleaner than the one that is in the river. This does not affect the environment. We will go through all the necessary expertise. Believe me, we're going to live, and to live in this region. And our children will live here "- said Ovchinnikov.

He claims that the treatment will be in Balaclava superior not only in Ukraine, but also in the world.

"We're going to attract the Bavarian company" Shteynge "to develop a feasibility study and in agreement with the concept UkrNIIvodokanalproekte. "Shteynge" — a company that was founded in 1882. It deals with only one issue — sewer. Sewage treatment in Balaclava will not only clean drinking water to the level, but also the withdrawal of pharmacological residues that adversely affect nature. None of the treatment in Europe can not make the pharmacy. This affects the number of fish population, "- said Ovchinnikov.

As reported by "New Region", "Smart Holnig" is going to build a sewage treatment capacity of 15 thousand cubic meters per day, increasing to 45-50 cubic meters, although in reality today Balaclava shed 7 cubic meters per day. Cost of the project — 160 mln.

Developers promise to treat the wastewater to such a state that will use them to water the fields and cleaning streets. But five thousand cubic meters still to be released in the Black River, which flows into the Sevastopol bay.

In the future, "Smart Holding" expects to operate the treatment in a public-private partnership and take with balaklavtsev money for sewerage.

The project director of the Institute criticized urban Valeriy Kravchenko (Kiev). He recalled that the Ministry of Environment gives priority to the deep sea disposal of treated wastewater. In addition, he cautioned that the winter when the water the field is not necessary, discharge of water could fill the black.

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