Secret of the Indian columns

One of the kaleidoscopic world is India. This is a world in which dozens of intertwined cultures, religious movements, cults and rituals. Many of these cults can show Indian movies online, which are taken with the participation of well-known anthropologists and experts on sectarian issues.

India is full of mysteries that are simply dazzling. One of the most interesting mysteries of the Indian capital is a large column, which is made of iron. Weight of the column of over 6.5 tonnes and a height of about seven meters. Column, according to historians, about 1500 years old, and it was erected in recognition of the merits of such an Indian ruler as Chandragupta II. In Delhi, she appeared not once, but only after 600 years after its manufacture. Riddle column is absolutely unclear how ironwork, and the column of almost 99.9% is made of pure iron, has not undergone a half millennia even corrosion. Rust oddly struck a single square inch of this historic monument.

To imagine the speed of propagation of corrosion of iron, look for any item made of iron, standing on the street. It may even be steel interior walls of your garage or conventional pipe, which hung gate. In a few years you can see on these products rust. On them, but not Indian iron column.

Originally, scientists thought that the iron added to a substance, which effectively resists corrosion. But then, the percentage of his too short not to give rust from spreading.

That is why today put forward an alternative version that steel column made not out of the world's iron and iron alien. You say, who moved so much iron on Earth. All can be very simple: it could make an ordinary meteorite. Pure iron meteorites often land on the planet. Because they are highly burned when flying through the layers of the atmosphere, corrosion them almost scary. Apparently, the Indian colony, and was formed from an extraterrestrial metal that has been exposed to the world's air.

But this is only a hypothesis that no one has been able to confirm or refute.

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