Secret treaty rulers of the world, or on the Office of Human Consciousness 2011


Secret treaty rulers of the world, or on the Office of Human Consciousness

(2011) 1.58.55
Front for the Liberation of consciousness
Informational and Educational Club
"The Chronicles of Transition 2012"


Secret treaty rulers of the world
On the Office of Human Consciousness

The film features excerpts from books and articles, as well as films of the following authors:

— Patricia Cori, author of the trilogy "The Sirian Revelations";
— Lion Vyacheslavovich Klykov, Doctor of Psychology, writer, author of books and articles;
— Neil D.Uolsha, American writer, author of "Conversations with God", devoted to issues of spiritual
development of man;
— Sela Rachel, author of "The Message of the Founders";
— Galina Tsareva, the director of the film "Defilement", "truth about vaccinations";
— Advertising and children, Documentary film fragment "Company";
— clairvoyant Helen's book series "Message awakening of humanity";
— What are the media and entertainment industry, part of the movie "Zeitgeist (2007)";
— Tihoplavov VY and TS, author of "The Physics of Faith," "The Great Shift" and "cardinal change";
— excerpt from an interview with prof.A.N.Dmitrievym;
— fragment of the article Drunvalo Melchizedek, the internationally renowned scientist, environmentalist, inventor, spirituality, Healer and Teacher;
— of the "White Book of Life";
— piece of paper of A. Zhuk, "On the processes of degeneration in human society";
— Irina Nilova of books "The Great Transition";
— a fragment of the book Strelnikova LL "Man of the Aquarian age";
— Valentina Matveeva, director of the film "Virtual aggression";
— of skype conference Nicky;
— fragment program "Morning of Russia";
— sots.rolik "Children see, children repeat";
— the impact of the music tells Tatyana Morozova, a psychologist Centre of Civil Initiatives "Slavutych Star";
— mechanisms of genocide of the Russian people;
— fragments of the book "Project Russia. Third Millennium ";
— Vyacheslav Pronin, director of the film "Citizen of the Earth, or how we were deceived";
— fragment from the book of Dmitry Nevedimova "Religion of money or medicine from the market economy";
— Mammon — "god" of the modern world;
— People as part of the social system, part of the movie "Baraka";
— How to get acquainted with his soul;
— I am free, movie …

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