Secrets of Area 51 — Insights / Inside. Area 51’s Secrets watch online

Secrets of Area 51 - Insights / Inside.  Area 51's Secrets watch online
The CIA does not want to do an admitted fact the existence of Area 51. Area 51 — is the brainchild of the CIA, shown in 1955, served as the number for the name of the square on the grid coordinates. Nevada leaves the area covered, it is located near the town of Rachel, which rumored to have picked up as a refuge for himself visited the planetoid UFOs and aliens. Us for the first time, to hear the stories about who is a resident of this area, who worked on the unique top-secret military facility type which not available officially recognized and never existed. It has recently been declassified information. With this programm "Secrets of Area 51 — eyes from the inside"Was the talk of the striking achievements and developments that have found application and has long been used in this closed world of all passers-by, long concealed the cover of secrecy and confidentiality.

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

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