Secrets of the Queen of Sheba

Hundreds of legends of Africa, Asia and Europe tell of a mysterious queen country Savin. Some paint her beautiful, clever and rich woman, others portray demoness desert Saharan Africa. The Old Testament describes the visit of the wise queen of Solomon in the New Testament it appears on the Day of Judgment as apocalyptic Justicar. Ruled Ethiopia until 1976 dynasty Negus led descended from the legendary Queen of Sheba. What is this mysterious person? Mythical image or a historical person?

In many African traditions, Macheda, she's the mysterious Queen of Sheba, overcomes the difficult political situation, often mythical. But in several legends about it referred to as a real historical figure. Until 1976, it was officially considered a progenitor of the world's oldest royal dynasty. Its real (as is) the story conveys the Axumite royal tradition "Greatness of Kings." Axum I to V century was the capital of the state efiopiyskogo, and written in XIV century Ethiopian national epic — the most wonderful creation of the literature of black Africa — was born in this ancient metropolis.

In the epic put on exciting visit to the biblical Queen of Sheba to King Solomon. Queen — hand-written beautiful, highly intelligent woman. It is led by the desire to understand the wisdom of Solomon. It has taken a long and tedious journey to Solomon in Jerusalem. When she finally came to the palace of the king, the king decided to seduce her. Refused, Solomon swore that would not resort to violence, but required it to vow that she "would not resort to violence in his home." Solomon ordered to feed the queen dishes thirsty. But when the night she drank water from standing next to the bed pitcher Salomon announced that it violated the oath came as a thief, and that he, in turn, does not consider itself bound by an oath, and then seized the power of Macedonia. That night, according to the epic, he did not sleep and saw a bad dream: "He thought the sun shining, it descended from the sky and start the rays incinerate Israel, and then rolled to Ethiopia, where he established and became forever limelight this land."

"Arrival of the Queen of Sheba", the picture of Samuel Coleman

Placing the "Greatness of Kings" story of the dream of Solomon, the authors successfully translate the tradition historical narrative into policies. Symbolic sun symbolized the Queen of Sheba's son, Menelik, who was conceived by it from King Solomon, she raised him alone, moved to Ethiopia. The son of the Queen of Sheba has become the first Ethiopian king. Prior to that, the country was ruled by women only! All Ethiopian rulers subsequently Molomonidami proudly called themselves, and their family is not broken until 1976, when the last successor of family, Emperor Haile Selassie was deposed from his throne. Among the descendants of the Queen of Sheba, he was 225th place. In the text of the Ethiopian Constitution, adopted in 1955, these claims are defined very clearly: "The imperial dignity permanently assigned to the lineage of Haile Selassie I, who is descended from the dynasty of Menelik I, son of the Queen of Ethiopia, the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon of Jerusalem."
However, the relationship with the Queen of Sheba Ethiopian nation is not limited to the role of progenitor of the dynasty. "The greatness of Kings" says further that Solomon and later crowned himself on the throne of his Ethiopian son and eldest sons of his top officials and ordered the priests to go to the service to the Ethiopian court. But the new rulers did not want to be in a strange land cut off from the divinity, which is an emanation from the time of Moses embodied in the Ark of the Covenant revered Israelis. Without hesitation, they stole … that ancient Israel's shrine and brought it to Axum, the ancient residence of the Ethiopian rulers. Since then, Ethiopia is the "new Israel."
… So, the mysterious figure of Queen of Sheba, who returned to Africa, and there gave birth to a son, known in Biblical history as Menelik, became a symbol of the black race.

Who is this woman, so wonderfully affect the course of world history? The Bible offers a version, slightly different from the one proposed by "The greatness of kings." Accompanied by two hundred courtiers of the queen went home Savei on a long journey to the capital of the king of Israel. With him she was carrying valuable gifts. Having experienced the wisdom of Solomon with hard questions and are satisfied with his answers, the queen, in turn receive luxury gifts, with all citizens to return home. Rape, as well as on the child's conception, it is in the Bible is not.

Certain difficulties arise with dating. Solomon reigned from about 965 to 926 BC. e., and the first evidence of the existence of the monarchy Sava appear about 150 years later. But that's nothing to say. Kingdom of Sheba was on the south of the Arabian Peninsula, approximately in what is now North Yemen. "Much remains hidden beneath the sands of the desert, and there are serious suggestions that the palace of Queen of Sheba could be the ancient capital of Marib under a thick layer of debris and sand — says British explorer James Pritchard. — It is also possible that she ruled by nomads and had no permanent residence. This is indicated by the legends of ancient Arabia, where the Queen presents a pagan, worshiping the stars and the sun. And only met with Solomon, she accepted God of the Jews. Saveyskoe ancient god of the moon (he was also worshiped pagan queen) called Almaka. Later they called and the Queen of Sheba. However, in the Islamic world it was known as Bilqis, and the ruins of the temple in Marib Almaka from time immemorial called Bilqis temple. Maybe history really has to deal with three queens Macedonia Almak-Bilqis?

According to the holy books of the Jews, Solomon, who learned about the beauty and richness of the queen from the south, sent the hoopoe, that he brought her to the court. Three years later, the queen got to the Jewish capital, but the king of Judah, Solomon was disappointed: "The beauty of your — female, hair — in both men and for women it's a shame!" Jewish legends certainly point out that his legs were covered with the queen extremely dense vegetation that considered a sign of demonic origin! Queen according to the Hebrews itself seduced Solomon, however, only after it was removed from the feet hair magic ointment. The child who is demon gave Solomon, was none other than the Nebuchadnezzar, the tyrant who destroyed Solomon's temple in Babylon and uvedshy most of the Jews. However, with a history that has nothing in common rules Nebuchadnezzar in 400 years after Solomon.

Islam, which, like Christianity and Judaism, is based on the Old Testament, the Queen of Sheba is also known. Queen visits Solomon dedicated the 27th sura of the Qur'an. It is mentioned and the hoopoe, and says that the former heathen believed in one God.

Question here and her hairy legs. In the Arab tradition, it gets the name of Bilqis. In later Muslim narratives, however, says that it is attributed to evil spirits demonic queen handicap to Solomon disappointed in her. But the king himself was convinced of the extraordinary beauty and perfection Bilqis, which shared a bed, and a throne. Thus, in the Islamic world has become the queen of the mythical figure, symbolizing both royalty and the royal mistress.

Bilqis, Lilith Almka, Makeda, the Queen of South, the Queen of Sheba — as soon as the legend may call this woman! In the legends of the peoples of the world do not find a more dark and mysterious personality …

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