Secrets of the «walls of Babylon»

In the reality of ancient Babylon, scientists believe with difficulty, and not immediately. Evidence and views of ancient scholars and philosophers, such as Herodotus and Strabo, not taken seriously even in the fifties of the nineteenth century, because it was assumed that they, like children very much like to exaggerate.

Indeed, according to Herodotus, circle wall fencing Babylon stood at almost ninety miles! Although ancient philosophers such as Diodorus and Strabo were significantly less "generous" (they wrote that the Babylonian walls are only 70 miles long), and did not believe them. Even the capital of Great Britain, London, with its two million inhabitants in the middle nineteenth century was a circle less than 40 miles away!

If history is correct, then not always. Because "the wall of Babylon" is not listed (and not listed at all) in the Department of the "seven wonders of the world." And, actually, why? Because these walls — one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world.

We have already mentioned that the "wall of Babylon" had a length of about 70 kilometers. Well, and what about their height and thickness? Judge: conservatively estimated height of the "wall of Babylon" is at least 22 meters!

Almost the same height as a 9-storey modern buildings! To match the height of the walls was their thickness. In the early twentieth century, archaeologist Robert Koldvey that obsessed excavation of ancient Babylon, was able to estimate this parameter.

It turned out that the ancient authors did not exaggerate, and vice versa — played down! .. Shocked Koldvey instead of two belts "wall of Babylon", of whom the ancient historians, discovered three.

Reconstruction of the following results: the first zone of the walls had a thickness of seven meters, the second — about eight meters, and, finally, the third — three and a half meters. In addition, every 45 meters towered the mighty towers, had reason to size 9 × 9 meters. It is difficult to say what they were high … But at least the walls?

This is where it starts and puzzles and mysteries … In fact, as much as is needed for the construction of a brick building, which is determined by the total amount of 12 million cubic meters?

It was found that the first series of walls built of mud brick, which for this ambitious goal required is believed to little more than a billion of them! But the second and third rows of the walls, which was used for the construction of burnt brick, required for 2.5 billion bricks! This fact is currently set for sure.

Therefore, the next question is, where they took the ancient Babylonians needed for firing so many bricks firewood?

Had a treeless Mesopotamia? .. Researchers believe that the construction of "the wall of Babylon" would be completely unrealistic thing without the priestly college of Babylon. It's not for nothing is considered the oldest of the initiates of the East! ..

Maybe they are used for firing bricks certain devices based actions were put analogues solar concentrators? ..

But does it really?

It is now officially recognized as lenticular lens glass was known in Mesopotamia at least the eighth century BC! They help to make fire by collecting the sun's rays at one point. It is also known that in the fifth century BC in Hellas used copper mirrors, made in the form of a paraboloid. Such devices and to this day is one of the most efficient solar concentrators.

We take into account the fact that in 1973 a group of physicists led by Greek Ionnasa Saccas had a kind of "investigative experiment." 70 people came out on a clear day at the beach, holding a polished brass shield on the 1? 1.5 meters. They simultaneously sent sunbeams from billboards on the layout of the ancient Roman ship. A few seconds later he burst!

Thus, for the priests of Babylon problem firing bricks without firing a bewildering amount of wood, which, moreover, and we get it was nowhere, is hardly an impossible task. The priests of ancient Babylon to cope with problems and more difficult. Not only were fired bricks. As it turned out, the whole huge area of the outer surface of the walls of Babylon was covered with glazed tiles … blue and green hues, containing images of lions and amazing dragons, for several decades, are controversial among archaeologists and historians!

Of course, one can not deny that could be used and some other, completely unknown to us a way of firing! In any case, today the mystery remains unsolved. References on this point in the heritage of the ancient cuneiform

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