Sensation! Discovered on the moon base UFO? Photo


According to a certain William Rutledge, in 1976 in the framework of the program "Apollo" in cooperation with the Soviet government was held trade secret mission "Apollo 20."

Even more incredible it seems that the purpose of the mission was to study a giant alien spacecraft, sealed by the crew of "Apollo 15." The interview was taken by the Italian reporter Luke Skantamburlo.

William Rutledge — the name now living in Rwanda, 76-year-old man, who in 2007, distributes photographic and video material related to secret U.S. government programs, including the so-called mission of "Apollo 20." According to him, in the past he was a member of Bell Laboratories and served in the Air Force, the United States. On YouTube, the man known as the user retiredafb.

Of course, for such news can be, and even desirable to be treated with a certain amount of healthy skepticism. However, to ignore them is not: as they say, the truth lies in the middle, and therefore must be able to emit sound from different points of view, whether formal or material NASA claims made by outsiders.

So is it possible that the U.S. and Soviet governments could work together on the space program in 1976? If you take into account that even in 1992 was declassified the existence of such a large-scale service like NRO (National Reconnaissance Office — the National Intelligence Service), it is easy to imagine what secrets may still remain closed to the public.

One of the most popular materials provided by William Rutledge is a photo allegedly made during a mission, "Apollo 20". In the picture you can distinguish uncharacteristic structure that Rutledge describes himself as a giant alien spacecraft, astronauts have seen in the course of the flight mission "Apollo 15."

The last official mission to the moon was the "Apollo 17", held in December 1972. The mission of "Apollo 20" was canceled I January 1970. If you believe Rutledge, it, nevertheless, was launched August 16, 1976, and apart from him, it was attended by Leona Snyder (Leona Snyder) of Bell Laboratories and Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, previously participated in the program "Soyuz" — "Apollo . "

Photos allegedly made with the spacecraft during the mission, is close to the official NASA image obtained in 1971 with the "Apollo-15" wrote





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