Servants of the ROC explained why they need a luxury Mercedes and residence

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, explained why the Russian Orthodox Church need luxury and why priests are allowed to wear expensive clothes. Father Vsevolod believes that this is an imaginary wealth needed to "reflect the social prestige of the Church."

"People want to be, and the temples of God, and the vestments of the clergy, and the elements associated with the social prestige of the clergy, would be the most visible and reflect the place of the Church in society, which any believer considers central" — said Father Vsevolod, who heads Synodal Department for Church and Society.

He noted that the church funds usually spent on "solemn moments and ornaments," and "so-called luxury" in the Church created by donations, which is quite natural.

"People want to be religious celebrations were the most beautiful and the most solemn" — "Interfax" Father Vsevolod words he uttered before, in response to questions from the audience of youth lectures in Moscow.

"When people donate something to the church, the fact that the clergy seemed worthy including the face of all the powers, which measures the ratio of money to a person, it's a natural human desire to show that the most important thing — not the rational use of funds for certain transient needs that will never be completely filled, and the dedication of their money, their labor that belongs to God, to those characters that remind us that the main thing — it's not politics, not economics, not narrow-minded human needs , not his material interests, and the presence of God, His mystery and spiritual hierarchy in the world around us "- said Father Vsevolod.

The same people who blames the clergy in luxury, Archpriest Chaplin called detractors and compared with Judas. After all, he said he did not have to waste precious ointment for anointing the body of Jesus Christ, and to sell the world and give the money to the poor.

"Continuing the idea … you can come in and to ensure that razzolotit domes break, at least, churches need to maintain, and deliver steklobetonnye box", — said the priest.

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Asked about the fact that "His Holiness is supposedly a very expensive watch, allegedly had an expensive car park, the residence," the priest said: "When making certain gifts, it's natural, people want their bishops looked no worse than the secular power to the temples looked no worse than the residence of secular rulers … ".

Recall that the problem of expensive watches and cars clergy did not come by accident. In 2009 the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, who is on a visit to Ukraine, Donbass miners told about the crisis, covetous, spiritual values and destructive liberalism, leading to hell, while on his arm adorned Breguet watches are worth up to 36,000 euros . And for some important words of Patriarch little faded in the glow of "luxury."

Patriarch vehicle fleet includes several Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes S-class, including armored modification.

Recall that some expensive gifts and the church can not do in their projects successfully combines charity with purely commercial objectives.

For example, stores the ROC — the so-called "icons, bookstores" — such is the conditional. The main part of their income at jewelry, followed by fine wines.

Church lands are used for the construction of real estate. Confirmation of this — the business center "on Spartacus." Under the contract, 30% of the area had to move to the Moscow government, 70% — the investor. But then the contract was included Patriarch Epiphany Cathedral, and the City gave him his share.

One of the participants in the construction of the Church is the artistic and industrial enterprise "Sofrino", headed by Eugene Parhaevym. Parkhaev, nicknamed the "candle-oligarch" is a part-time chairman of the board of directors of the bank, investing "shop project" and controls 17% of the share capital of the contractor, which account for a gated development on the ruble, office centers on Polianka now serving.

Under President Boris Yeltsin, the Church receives preferential treatment in the sale of alcohol, tobacco and oil. Oil "theme" has emerged in the report of the machinations under the UN "oil for food", which in October 2005 was presented to the commission, Paul Volcker. The list of recipients of bribes from Saddam Hussein's regime in the form of oil, along with "Lukoil", "Rosneft", "Gazprom", "Sibneft" was listed and the ROC. In the ROC then stated that no money had been received.

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